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Being at home for a few days means that I get to eat homemade soy yogurt from my Instant Pot or Fagor America... https://t.co/D2thMWuBQ0
9 healthy foods that reduce bloating - all plant-based #vegan via @iamwellandgood https://t.co/0fIrQtBMDR
Here I was in action at NAVS Vegetarian Summerfest. There was a lot of pressure cooking going on. See my 4... https://t.co/rdn2afLY6C
Dietitians Answer Questions About Picky Eaters, Plant Based Diet & More For Those With Type 2 And Prediabetes https://t.co/OEytcLNZ8y
@eatcookgrow @InstantPot I love the cooking demos where everything works just right. That must happen about 1 out o… https://t.co/1M6VEjok5i
@eatcookgrow @InstantPot Thank you for being there. I hope that you learned at least a few things other than pluggi… https://t.co/SIXPp3QuX1
If you are new to the Instant Pot and I know that there are many thousands of people who are, then this post... https://t.co/Q0XneOaMVB
RT @eatcookgrow: @theveggiequeen Home from Summerfest: 1) Bought an @InstantPot 2) Bought your book 💚 Thank You For An Awesome Demo 💚💚…
In Maryland now eating a bowl of leftover smoky cheesy steel cut outs from vegetarian Summerfest. I just went for... https://t.co/hLHqmkat3U
I will be speaking at this on Tuesday September 5th. If you are in the area and would like to volunteer, please... https://t.co/SLofT8AwN8
At NAVS Vegetarian Summerfest and cardiologist Joel Kahn talked about the Gut Heart connection and TMAO. I can't... https://t.co/3vsKdbus10
“The Plant Paradox and The Oxygen Paradox: Don’t Hold Your Breath for Health” by @drjkahn https://t.co/tvImzK76M2
I haven't read the book The Plant Paradox about lectins and why they might be an issue but one thing that is... https://t.co/dQhnAyvQm5
If you are attending Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA please be sure to say hello. I just found out that... https://t.co/VuldwJ0BcX
'Bringing Healing Meals to the Chronically Ill in California' via Civil Eats. Splendid concept... -https://t.co/Hj8GCoLuMu
Why you should consider packing a rice cooker on ur next trip via @mic An electric #pressure cooker is even better. https://t.co/GPzqfMBV6X
Nottingham student creates energy supply for developing countries https://t.co/oPg7DjmQpK via @Notts_TV
#sustainability Energy from the ocean? Genius? But will it fly? https://t.co/oPg7DjmQpK
Never too much love, too many pulses or great writing. Enjoy... https://t.co/dXIFccqGvD
Did a video shoot with Food Guru this week. Keep your eyes open for the summer salads video. Pictured here from... https://t.co/xEpBuESAcs

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