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I'm a really good girl with several bad encounterers.
What i can't do God will !
People change their stank ass attitudes when they think you gon do sum fo em...please
I miss my bestie too @Only1ThamesaVee
If this ain't a ghetto bird sitting behind me well who is?
I wanted to share this Photobucket media with you.
@unschick good luck with yo recovery:-)
I want some gritz
my my my bestiee
Get fucked up is all i know tonight
Roach niggas make me ughhh"
Pokey gon off on this flo him and keke...old shcool screw in the deck...hit the switch up on the bich ill brek the equator...
Its not that serious lady
I live off my own bread and wine not what's on the next man table.
People made cause i don't acknowledge this as a holiday. MLK was not God so really i could care less.
Got to rep em' till the end and that ain't gon be today.#Texans
Texans all day and fuck who don't like it !
On another note...some have no heterotelic for being on this earth...thinking bout siutations from the previous night.
He talk so much; how does she take it?

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im whatever u think i am cause thats what u gon think.
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