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It was cold as hell in Boston during PAX East, but our @lawbreakers booth/fans were 🔥🌶️🔥 srsly best booth ever 😂💯😂
This new MOBA looks sick!
@tonyhawk @switchCrook we old son
@Chupacaubrey can confirm
@kaitly_n it showed up on my Xbox video and I was like wat
@KahranAtLaw @eyilanke wat
RT @WTFmoses: @therealcliffyb You should be proud that your games first beta is better than most games that release fully these days. Had a…
RT @rvagg: Typical code comments
LIES 😂😍😂
Yes. That's what that knob gets for spamming me. This shit is nonstop.
@kumailn @EvNarc 😍😍😍
Sorry we went HAM on you, fam.
Forgot that when your head had been shaven SHIT IS COLD JESUS.
Just spending Sunday playing our beta with my wife and writing down bugs/notes, how's your day?
How I see @L337Lauren in most FPS games after she gets another head shot.
@Neids13 @lawbreakers heh yep
RT @YouHadOneJ0B: Please don't tap the glass.

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Design Director, Epic Games. Might be the Tony Stark of videogames.

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