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Money + politics in #Election2016, moderated by @JeffSmithMO #PoliticsandPolicy
RT @PBSBlackCulture: BEAUTIFUL! Artwork courtesy @Mofosluv, a student at @TheNewSchool, and a very proud mom @eh707! #MyBlackHistory https:…
Can you be pro-gun AND pro-life? We screen Armor of Light, a film by alumna Abigail Disney
@jamielikeskoala @jasveenflies Did you ask @EugeneLang
Our Snapchat Geofilter game is WEAK 😫 Help us out? Winning designs get πŸ’°
RT @2bis2do: Only @TheNewSchool would you have to pick btwn a #DavidBowie tribute + a panel on #FashionandDiversity in one night https://t.…
RT @NAllanach: Great turn out tonight for #DavidBowie tribute w/ Simon Critchley @TheNewSchool "where the fuck did Monday go?"…
RT @ScottGarg: .@CritchleyUpdate waxes poetic about his hero, @DavidBowieReal, @TheNewSchool
"Oh I'll be free Just like a bluebird" #DavidBowie tribute on campus
"If death can be a work of art, David Bowies's was that." Prof @CritchleyUpdate at the sold-out tribute on campus
'Who wants to see their race as a feature of their success and who just wants to be?' @KimJangles #FashionandDiversity
β€˜White people have the privilege of not having to see themselves through the eyes of someone else.’ Dario Calmese #FashionandDiversity
β€˜I wanted to be a great fashion editor. I quickly saw that being a black woman put me in a different space.’ @MissJulee #FashionandDiversity
β€˜As a journalist, do you call out a black designer in your headline?’ @MissJulee #FashionandDiversity
RT @ScottGarg: .@MissJulee moderates a fantastic discussion on #fashionanddiversity @TheNewSchool (congrats @RikkiByrd!)…
'You have no idea how powerful it is to walk into a classroom & be at the front of the room & have students of color see you.' @kimjangles
On casting for brands + working for the @CFDA: β€˜It was more about responsibility.’ Dario Calmese #FashionandDiversity
β€˜I never saw a lot of representation of my blackness in the industry so my experience has been a lot of independence.’ @charlienchargie
Gearing up for Fashion & Race, moderated by @MissJulee πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ» #FashionandDiversity #BlackHistoryMonth
.@MilanoSchool Prof @sfparr speaks on social development @UN

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