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@DanielleMorrill would love an account!
I've Just Joined! Meet Fun and Interesting People through Questions and Answers
@sneakersteal get me in there fam!
@rakeshlobster virgin
@netw3rk Brilliant ploy to avoid Woodson's accountability.
@denvernuggets November. Gotta start strong!
@allinkid Thanks. No guts, no glory! (And no risk management)
@allinkid Bryce Brown and Rashad Jennings. WR starters are Garcon, Shorts, Givens. 12-team.
@allinkid 2RBs, 3WRs, no flex.
@allinkid trade my Le'Veon for DeSean? My other rbs are AP and Doug Martin. Need a WR. Pull trigger now or wait till better offer?
@FantasyTrade411 Le'Veon for Julius Thomas? My other RBs are AP and DMartin. My TEs are Rudolph and Clay. 12-team. No-flex.
@JADubin5 @KnicksFanBlog cheese salads ftw
@EdKupfer How many miles do the Knicks travel? Looks like 42k?
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@MailChimp How come I don't see the Draft and Drop Editor when trying to edit a template?
RIP James Gandolfini - The Sopranos was one of the first shirts we ever made.
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