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Evening! Don't forget you can still save 25% at www.thehedgepig.co.uk until midnight tomorrow, use code 'easter'
Evening all! Just a quick tweet to say 30% off all KATVIG, KRUTTER AND KIK*KID http://www.thehedgepig.co.uk/sale/ kate xx
Funky new Snoozy and more Katvig online now at http://www.thehedgepig.co.uk/ woo hoo!
@Juicytots great dress ;-)
@babynotincluded but is he sorry?!!
@babynotincluded ya big meanie lol
@hunkydoryhome @that_kat yey thanks guys! thats the one!
does anyone know the name of that online store that prints funky stickers?!? nat you online - i need you lol
@Soph4Soph hon just sent you an email xx
@Soph4Soph yeah got a plastisock invoice today so need to pay for that and they will send
@Soph4Soph no all kik kid is in now - underdelivered on quite a bit
@that_kat ha ha i know im such a temptress lol
20% OFF ALL NEW STOCK AT http://www.thehedgepig.co.uk/ LOVELY JUBBLY - QUOTE CODE AUTUMN
@Soph4Soph Oh dear - better not listen - im bound to feel inadequate as a mother lol
@Soph4Soph how did you add the twitter bit? i am rubbish
@Soph4Soph lol dunno! im just not technologically minded like you lol
@cafebebe bugaboo bee for sure xx
@Soph4Soph ahhh blogger - what a nightmare! why dont you live nearer xxx
@Soph4Soph im great thanks babe - do you like the new sweet peanut stock? jack is sooo obsessed with 'Cars'!!!
@Soph4Soph wow welldone - they are fab - love the popeye set!

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The Hedgepig...a wonderful online Scandinvian kids clothing company run by Kate, mum to Jack, 2.

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