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RT @stevesilberman: If you missed it, Sign of the Day. [via @alyzande]
@RibsChirino Only one mouth :(
RT @Broximar: Blizzard Items I've bought with #Warcraft Gold: β–ͺ️A faction change β–ͺ️Lucio & 2100 Gems in Heroes β–ͺ️Un'goro Bundle β–ͺ️11 #Overw…
Ok that's all the pics for tonight
@Chillivata Better things deserve your energy
Some days I'm just...
Flowers for you. Yes, even you "tough" guys.
Doggo is unhappy that you vendored instead of disenchanting.
RT @AmandaFlagg: Just chillin gonna watch some Netfl- wait...
@auntiesiannan @pommie_tappet Pommie and kayleta.
RT @CakeHasVitamins: @thegoldqueen I'll never go back to a single monitor setup for productivity. Wish the ultra wide monitors were a lot c…
I'll stay with you
RT @TerranGregory: Starting tonight's stream with a donation to @CancerResearch Come by, chat, and donate if you are so compelled https://…

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