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@Sternenkind *vendors*
ok that's all my energy for the day used up. *flop*
wow an awesome +int trinket for my feral.....?? [An'she's Infusion of Light] #Warcraft
Check out my screenshot from World of #Warcraft!
Check out my screenshot from World of #Warcraft!
Check out my screenshot from World of #Warcraft!
I just earned the [The Tangerine Traveler] Achievement! #Warcraft
Having a coffee and catching up with my mail
@MaryaleeScarlet whereabouts?
It was plugged in but it had shifted just slightly and caused the muffled effects.
@MaryaleeScarlet I've never seen that
Guys.... I found out what the problem was. I had stood on the audio cable and dislodged it *slightly* LOLOLOL
I can hear birds and animals calling in the forest and the dryads sound hoofy. My char, tho, is silent.
@MaryaleeScarlet audio settings including raid?
@BaoAnimalLover nope. corsair k70, not muted
@MaryaleeScarlet I can hear everything clearly except my own character is muffled very low almost inaudible
I can hear nearby streams and birds tweeting. so odd.
Messing around with my warcraft system settings.. I can now no longer hear my own attack noises. help?
wow @TSMAddon was decimating my FPS down to 2fps ... while fishing :O

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