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Lil bookmark commission for Firandor! https://t.co/KjxTSgMjFJ
RT @wherewerewolf: a nautilus commission for my dear dear friend anna//@quartzcrusher ! https://t.co/aBxkQ8g9gL
who wants to watch my partner eat ghost peppers like an idiot dumb face nerd https://t.co/4d1reyVAKK
RT @TetZoo: If you want to say "but that's an alligator", well, I suppose that's ok. But anyway... https://t.co/HJRxawSlPV
RT @sofairyquiet: Rebirth: Artist Manabu Ikeda Unveils a Monumental Pen & Ink Drawing Nearly 3.5 Years in the Making https://t.co/W1zcUzPSf…
awe yea. end of the work week. tomorrow shall be dedicated to art!
RT @sofairyquiet: Original drawing part of The Rabbit Hole Collective auction @ https://t.co/FC0l4JJeOh #penandink #drawing https://t.co/uq…
RT @BlissAndKittens: Close to actual colors. So teeny! #art #oracle #tarot #fullmoon #moon #meowl #cat #fantasyart #sfa #illustration #min…
Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday - Use code "SBSAT2016" to save 20% on all orders of $20 or more!… https://t.co/RvQjJVlqVp
coworker's sick, looks like i have a lot of shifts next week. hopefully i'll have more time for art the week after :/
@Penningtonbeast I'm jealous! I'd love to have a cane or rococo one day :)
Both weighed less than a gram in July, they grow pretty dang fast
Pancake weighs 25 grams but is too shy for photos <3
bebs are gettin big! Zucchini weighs 16 grams now! https://t.co/hZjZHGM7cR
20% - 35% off redbubble products today with code "BLKFRIDAY"! https://t.co/afiB3kvunq https://t.co/qCCK4Ueb6k
i ate way too much. i am an idiot
@CreatureDesigns @BeastofOblivion JUST started watching it, only 1 episode in, but @NeilistGaming and I are pretty hooked :)
i get really excited about trying new foods that are a little weird. i went to the store for tongue but they don't have it any more :(
i think i should make a brandade type dish. and some smoked fish cream cheese
bought some blind robbins (salty smoked herring, like jerky) on a whim. pretty good, but i don't think i've ever had anything so salty.

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Just a starving fantasy artist trying to sell some art. I have a website, as well as Etsy and Zazzle stores, I'm 'thedancingemu' on both :)

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