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New Blog Post! Check It Out!
New Blog Post! Going Overdue Check It Out!
in other news, put baby over the toilet for her wake-up pee...elimination communication truly begins (we've half-assed it up until now)
taking a few days to enjoy the fall weather before my labels arrive and launch begins...sorry for my absence!
@eMommieDotCom Please do! I've been eyeballing ponchos as a nice alternative...maybe make one myself!
@MishLockwood Hahaha, probably a little bit of both, now that you mention it. ;)
@deborahruth It's driving me absolutely insane...they've been in here for DAYS now! Why won't they just DIE ALREADY?!?!
Seriously, isn't it a little cold for houseflies?! They're driving me NUTS. Can't seem to kill them. Also, they want to eat the baby. ARGH!
@FoglsKitchen I dislike how wide it is, the two column sidebar is messing with my organized brain.
@BabywearingVids Hmm, well hopefully he grows tired of the new sensations/returns to a comfy latch soon! :)
Trying to get DH to find someone to buy me a #babywearing coat for Christmas this year…it's out of our gift budget, but it's so cool!
RT @ramills08: @mamabmy I'm very proud of my #bfing success. It was hard-fought. Women need to own their own choices & feelings & not pl ...
@JoosyJo Good luck! I dread the idea of returning to work...please pass on any good suggestions that make it your way!
Welcome, @bribug13! @MumtoEve hey everyone. welcome my friend @bribug13 to twitter. she is a #BFing mama to the cutest baby boy. :)
@BabywearingVids Ouch! I'm sending healing vibes your way...teeth are a major no-no!
@niftyknees exactly. If we don't have the option to choose the cleaner 'old' twitter, i'll be transitioning 100% to something on my desktop.
@StarryWillows Well, I hope it works out for you! 3yrs at your previous job in state looks good! :)
Wow, I really dislike the "new twitter".
@StarryWillows Aww, why all the anxiety?
nasty drool rash on baby's chin...are we FINALLY starting to cut teeth after these terrible weeks?!

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