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RT @tomforemski: David Ulevitch (@davidu ) Founder+CEO of OpenDNS, one of my all time fave SF startups #VeryFew http…
RT @paulbaumgart: Still my fav @paulg essay, 7 years later: "put yourself in a position where failure will be public and humiliating" http:…
@bjaekel01 @ThisAmerLife @sacca @iraglass Nah, I'm good. #LudditePower
Holy shit. Heeelarious episode of @ThisAmerLife featuring @Sacca: "99 Problems and a Pitch Is One" cc @iraglass
People say "9 out of 10 businesses fail." It's misleading, as 9 out of 10 do NO market validation. Of those that do, I'd bet 5/10 survive.
"Besides, rereading, not reading, is what counts." - Jorge Luis Borges
Here's a new page for all the books in my book club, including a brand-new one:
via @LoveandRoad: My answer to #Russia: "Trans-siberian train: any recommendation?" …
RT @CharliePoznek: The Big Fat Surprise (Nina Teicholz) - powerful book review by @DrEades. #babyboomer #noexcuses @…
RT @robrs: Thank-you @tferriss for the eggvocado, you are my new hero, that is all.
@jcolman @andigalpern Jonathan, great point. Design can/should be functional, but for many, it equals making "pretty." I agree w/ you.
RT @SteveKamb: Watched “King of Kong.” Holy crap, what a thrilling documentary. Freaking awesome. Thanks for the rec @tferriss…
RT @magicbenyoung: Whipped up some crab cakes tonight from @tferriss #4hourchef yummmmm
@vizyweb Exercise and cooking outside.
RT @seeingwithsound: @tferriss @shanesnow Even just 6 hours of blindfolding seems to change functional connectivity ("wiring") in brain htt…
RT @cavemanifesto: High levels of physical activity linked to early academic achievement @huntermaats @tferriss
Can You Rewire Your Brain In Two Weeks? One Man’s Attempt… | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
RT @paulwoods: @tferriss I forced myself through 600g of chocolate and a lot of garlic bread yesterday. 10kg down in 6 weeks! #thebestpoin…
Just finished one of the most disgusting cheat days in recent memory. Can't wait to start clean tomorrow morning. #thepoint
Can You Rewire Your Brain In Two Weeks? One Man’s Attempt…

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