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@syangman Thanks. What audio issues did you have with Maria?
I'm so happy with the final redesign of @dtelepathy does excellent work. Might test different photos later...
For the gift card, listen to my latest podcast, tweet your fave quote, #TFS, with link back to Deadline: 11pm PT.
To potentially win a $100 @ExOfficio gift card - Step 1, find my latest podcast here: or on iTunes. See next tweet…
You guys ready for a giveaway of a $100 gift card to If so, I'll do it on Twitter in 5-10 min. cc @exofficio
RT @brainpicker: Many thanks to @tferriss for the wonderful, wide-randing, in-depth conversation about, well, everything…
@EricJorgenson @farnamstreet Listen to my first ep, Shane, and you might think differently :) But thank you.
RT @cllectr: Amazing interview with two of my favorites: @tferriss and @brainpicker –
If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say [VIDEO] My favorite is at 1:33. Jajaja, as they say...
Dancing beast -- this guy is amazing [VIDEO]:
RT @rgcombs: This is so sad. "@MikeAnissimov: "Progress" How far a child is allowed to walk on their own, then vs. now via @bswud http://t.…
Reading music... ♫ "B-boy On Wax (feat. Speech Defect)" by Wax Tailor
.@Hasson4VTSenate Who said it was irresponsible? It's possible to responsibly consume too much of something.
RT @SciencePorn:
.kevinrose mounting a pony after too much booze.
@PhilNoLimits Great catching up today! Chat link?
@krbazzy @Quarterly :)
.@mkokc Thx Mike :) It's rarely the haters who do the most damage; it's the few diehards who misunderstand the message. I take some blame.
@krbazzy Cool. Thanks! I'll loop in @Quarterly to fix.
RT @bBroussard3: Wow. @tonyrobbins telling his back and forth with Obama with @tferriss was amazing. #TheTimFerrissShow

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