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Let's talk about life extension, performance, and much more
Fact of the day: "Pizzle" is an Old English word for penis, likely derived from Low German pesel, diminutive of pees, meaning "sinew."
How Tucker Max Got Rejected by Publishing and Still Hit #1 New York Times
@garyvee For sure!
Can You Rewire Your Brain In Two Weeks? One Man’s Attempt…
Have you checked out "5-Bullet Friday?" 5 new goodies and tips I'm enjoying. Access it here:
The Psychology of Automation: Building a Bulletproof Personal-Finance System
How to Be Jason Bourne: Multiple Passports, Swiss Banking, and Crossing Borders
Here is a tick nymph embedded in my inner thigh. Note the size. These often carry Lyme disease and…
NEW podcast up! You asked for it -- A full episode on meditation/mindfulness with the amazing @TaraBrach!
Sam Harris, PhD on Spirituality, Neuroscience, Meditation, and More
Dan Carlin – Hardcore History, Building Podcasts, Creativity, and More
@nthnclrk @pvsk10 How would you guys suggest optimizing? I don't hear many complaints, and I'm cycling through different articles. Ideas?
Hahaha... congrats! Yes, people ridicule, then they buy you drinks :)
RT @RyanPLandau: "The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change." #CarlRogers @tferriss @TaraBrach #thet…
Thanks, David and all! It's a real honor, and I'm hoping to learn and improve much more in the next year!
RT @mercymercykay: YAY!!! ❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛❤️ @tferriss his book #4Hour Chef literally changed my life
.@pvsk10 With all due respect, sharing these is efficient. My back catalog = 600+ evergreen posts. It would be foolish of me not share them.
We need to hang soon! Hope you and family are better than ever, man.
@Nate__James My pleasure! Love your work.

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