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Saison and Benu Become The First Michelin 3-Star Restaurants In SF History: Huge congrats to both!!!
RT @EFF: Surveillance Self-Defense can help you develop careful practices for staying safer online
RT @Uber_Vegas: Hey Las Vegas, we're betting on you. Your @Uber is arriving now!
@kennedycollins Sure. Just DM'd you my assts email.
@mulligan Let's talk, big fella!
RT @shyp: Next stop #Miami! Who wants to be the first in South Florida to enjoy a better shipping experience?
Have you used If so, do you like, love, dislike, or meh? I am not affiliated.
RT @UncladLad: @Tina_Hofer @tferriss for me it was the 4 Hour Body. Lost 50 lbs & led me to paleo and a genuine concern for my health. Perf…
@kennedycollins @brainpicker Interesting. Can you explain more?
RT @mffrenzel: #TIM07 finally made it to London today. Possibly my favourite one so far, thanks @tferriss @Quarterly
RT @timothy_yim: #Startups wanting #VC $$$: Do you know how #VC economics work? @techlawgarage…
RT @Jason: The dream team you want in your angel round: @tferriss @kevinrose @garyvee @jason - aka 'The Kings of Content' / first 100k down…
.@IndependentIan @mikeroweworks Agreed! Mike, food in SF on me. Been a long time since talking sheep testicles at the EG conference.
RT @trinetti: "I don't actually know what I think until I try to write it."--@kevin2kelly HOLY TRUTH. (from @tferriss podcast >>> http://t…
RT @4hbapp: How Elon Musk Learned Rocket Science For SpaceX @tferriss
@dfworden I knew there was a reason! Do you know if that name pre-dates the Roman Seneca, or if they adopted his name after Anglicizing?
@bigmeanbunny Repeat the test. I respect Iginex, but all Lyme tests are prone to false positives (and negatives) :/
@joshuakay32 Thank you so much, Joshua. This made my day :)
Grab a signed copy of the 4-Hour Chef and help bring literacy to millions of kids (no joke). Check this out:
RT @AdviceToWriters: If I have anything to say 2 young writers, it's stop thinking of writing as art. Think of it as work. PADDY CHAYEFSKY …

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