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@MarkRfitness @PetrRiha1 Thanks, guys :)
.@PetrRiha1 Please avoid using my trademarks. I'll be cracking down on that more soon. Too many scammers out there.
@cliffkuang Fuck yeah. When in Rome. I'll repent later.
@zrdavis It's a crutch.
RT @peterawad: Learn what's important for mating purposes and much more with @tferriss and @tracydinunzio http://t.…
RT @LaurenGaggioli: .@tferriss @TracyDiNunzio Just finished the Pt. 1 of the interview. As a theater major w/ an online start up, I am LOVI…
LOVING an excellent live performance by @YACHT How am I only finding them now?
@ethanjones Thank you. Great piece.
@RealNickDavis One 1-hour walk per day, max. Mostly seated or in bed.
@TracyDiNunzio Thank you, Tracy. Yes, they're the best. Just wait. We're just getting warmed up :)
RT @belindaofficial: Dinner tonight, cupcake delight @tferriss #cheatday #slowcarbdiet #bangkok #4HBody
Listen To Teenage 'Hyperpolyglot' Speak 20 Different Languages WOW. This guy makes me look like an amateur.
@WellnessCoachTX I def think ABX a big part of the problem, but Benadryl did nothing, so perhaps not histamine-related?
Anyone found simple but effective cures for Dyshidrosis? Warning -- gross pics:
Just had a doc prescribe a medical skin cream that costs $1,600 for a few-week supply. And I thought I'd seen everything...
.@AnnJamieson2 No, it's a scam. I have nothing to do with them. Can you please send me a screenshot or image? Need names, addresses, etc.
RT @FallonTonight: Happy National Coffee Day! Celebrate with Tim Ferriss's (@tferriss) 4-minute cup of coffee: http…
RT @bionicturtle: the 3-part podcast with @tferriss and @TracyDiNunzio is a semester's worth of startup learning
@Samknutsson Eventually, yes. I'm separating fact from fiction. A lot of dangerous nonsense out there.
RT @kprobbins: @JamieBCox @tferriss I dropped 50 lbs. in 120 days. You can kill it!

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