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RT @SaudAAD: @tferriss Filet Mignon on a bed of Rosemary's thanks for the recommendation #4hourchef
RT @kevinrose: Tim Cook says that the Apple Watch will "replace your cars keys", I disagree, @Uber will replace your car keys
@wheatpond @helmutsmeskonis Most mainland dialects are not *that* different. Like New Jersey versus Texan English.
RT @lukew: "The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." -Eden Phillpotts
.@helmutsmeskonis Lack of incentive. Same as Brits. Omit English and most Chinese are monolingual. I've spent time there, speak Mandarin.
@ZouhairMaj Deal!
RT @davidhaack: This delicious #slowcarbdiet breakfast is brought to you by @tferriss #4hourbody I'm down 14 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks! http:/…
RT @ChrisJRachal: Ramit Sethi on Persuasion and Turning a Blog Into a Multi-Million-Dollar Business via @tferriss
RT @insidewinemaker: New @tferriss #podcast (Ep 63) is among the top 3 podcasts I've ever found. 61 minutes of simple ways to be awesome at…
RT @richardjeaton: I blame the @photomatt interview on the @tferriss podcast for my latest purchase :) love it btw!
.@Noble_State Guacamole mixed with canned beans or lentils.
RT @shaver31: If you're not listening to the Tim Ferriss show podcast, you're missing out big time @tferriss #timtimtalktalk
Hedge Funds, Investing, and Optimizing Lifestyle (with Mark Hart, Raoul Pal)
Did you know @Shopify stores can get 3-6x (!) more sales with the @Wanelo Shopify app? Just install: #investor
@YahuSirius Great book.
RT @greenrichard: “@JuddLegum: CNN has a Llama in studio” // this is why I'm on a news diet based on advice from @tf…
Do podcast ads really work? Here are real numbers from my podcast, plus a good story:
New podcast episode! Hedge Funds, Investing, and Optimizing Lifestyle (with Mark Hart, Raoul Pal)
Listen to the hilarity and horror of the "vagina plane": cc @replyall
RT @jackbremer: Inspired by King Of Kong movie @tferriss recommended, I’m currently #14 in t’world at Veer 2 http://…

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