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Steam punk Wild West or hipster barista San Francisco? You decide... Happy Halloween! #yourlatteisready
My soundtrack: ♫ "Sick And Tired" by Default
Really fun illustration from reader Thanks, Dan!
RT @cjow: If you don't like @tferriss or books, this is not for you.
@arsachs @garyvee @micah @Midroll Haha... I was asking about the generic format, not the company, but fair enough!
@ModernSexCultur Thank you for listening, April :)
RT @4hbapp: Old Faithful: Warm And Intimate Photos Of Elderly Dogs @tferriss
Investor resigns after daughter, 10, hands him list of 22 milestones he's missed - Telegraph
.@luketurcotte As a listener, I just prefer JRE-style long intros versus midroll, but I could be wrong. Your vote? Shorter + more frequent?
@garyvee I hear you, but I'm more concerned about irritating listeners than midroll ad value (which I could charge + for). How do u decide?
RT @jimmykimmel: Dear every mailing list, No one has ever unsubscribed by mistake. Please stop asking. Thanks, Us
RT @SteveHanselman: “Security is a false God. Begin to make sacrifices to it and you are lost.” ― Paul Bowles
RT @cleveille: Avenging Angel. Naval on the cover of the Dartmouth Alum Magazine.
.@thirdpl Would you prefer shorter sponsor reads but one at the start and another short one in the middle (Midroll)?
RT @jasonsprior: @tferriss no lie, I've listened to the Josh Waitzkin episode at least 10 times.
What have been your favorite 2-3 episodes of The Tim Ferriss Show? Here's a list of all of them: Thanks!
RT @PeterAttiaMD: 10 Scientific Ideas That Scientists Wish You Would Stop Misusing
RT @PeterAttiaMD: Brilliant...
RT @brainpicker: Bertrand Russell's 10 commandments of teaching, learning, and life
RT @HistoryInPics: A letter from Gandhi to Hitler, written in July 1939.

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