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How to Update roles in Entrust Laravel http://t.co/MxYEnwNR9x
#OpenSSL Error: #Certificate verify failed, #composer error, #Laravel error http://t.co/5s8A25p1o6
General error: 1215 Cannot add foreign key constraint – #Laravel http://t.co/h8epYyq6rX
Base table or view not found: 1051 Unknown table – #Laravel error [Solved] http://t.co/avzD7IOwEm
The Sweet Bitter Pill of Jailbreaking Your iDevice http://t.co/WfOgtk5wU6
One way Trip to Mars, R u Ready! Book Your Seats here! http://t.co/xEoAlenxJj
Flappy Bird Developer Says He’s Taking The Hit Game Down Tomorrow... ohhh #flappybird
#Amazon Prime Air...WOW...Door-to-Door drones becoming a reality.. Say's Amazon Can only carry packages that... http://t.co/Wkv2dYt0t0
Show Hidden Files on your OS X Mavericks,Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion: How to show .htaccess and other... http://t.co/kwZYxqD2EN
#Youtube is not down only for you! http://t.co/Q0IUQ5p7pQ
Downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6.1.3/ iOS 6.1.2 using iFaith v1.5.9 http://t.co/HLE4X1B8HX
How to downgrade #iOS7 to iOS 6.1.3/ iOS 6.1.2 using #iFaith v1.5.9 http://t.co/9htgb2l4gP
Meet the woman behind Siri, the voice on more than 37 million iPhones. Real Voice Of Siri.Watch video http://t.co/Kz60pLtBJE
WOW: Meet The Real Siri [Watch Video] http://t.co/Tvu29AptVG
I Just Texted to Say I Love You ! http://t.co/FB0GjtIDl3
Social Media Will Kill Your Relationship http://t.co/uP5xcrtbi7
Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 updated, downlaod here! http://t.co/swJ1XMQ36c

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