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wow, federer tells @bgtennisnation he "probably will not play any clay court events except the french"
that's his secret motivation, he's won everything else
fed doesn't say see you next year, says instead... "see you soon"
most intriguing moment of day will be if the federer says...if he'll be back next year!
federer's last 4 sets v nadal: 63 63 62 63
the federer left the court to check on the kids #multitaskingGOAT
according to my timeline, seems to be a big tennis match coming up!
federer-haas exo! ha.
RT @jmeistennis: And there it is...
@EdMcGrogan like wings from the old IB, it's going to deliver!
don't sleep on PCB-Cuevas either
djokovic breaking down the scheduling: " I don't want to comment about that."
the federer on papa federer: "he's the first to tell me, 'hit the backhand damnit. don't just fall back and slice all the time'"
live look at andy murray after seeing the federer score #muzzard

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