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When the tram translates all the safety procedures from English to Spanish, but not how to find your lost things. #suckstosuck #10things
Found a brand of plastic wrap named "Purity" What a name for a plastic covering! As in parenting names are forever! #namefail #10things
What's on the turkey artichoke and swiss sandwich? Turkey.. Artichoke.. and Swiss. #society #lazy #commonsensefail #10thingsevery1shouldknow
@sarahmargaret22 Sorry about that!
@sarahmargaret22 Confusing! Don't put a number just put what should be in anyone's top ten to know. I just wanted to start it w/ ten things
10. Kindness gets you further than any angry message ever could #rudepplsuck #10thingsevery1shouldknow
9. Banana's after a run is really good for you! #healthnut #banana #10thingsevery1shouldknow
8. The child leash at theme parks is the best invention! #GoMom #10thingsevery1shouldknow
7. Volunteer Firefighter does not mean fake firefighter, it means no money for the same job. #stereotypes #10thingsevery1shouldknow
6. Santa is real! #merrychristmas #happyholidays #10thingsevery1shouldknow
5. I'm your server not the chef, don't yell at me if your foods cold! #neverworkedbefore #richbitch #10thingsevery1shouldknow
4.We broke up for a reason, stop saying I love you. #10thingsevery1shouldknow
3. Milk has an expiration date on it the only chunks I want in my cereal are the marshmellows in my Lucky Charms! #10thingsevery1shouldknow
2. Person who cut me off on the road, use your turn signal. #inventedforareason #10thingsevery1shouldknow
1. If you've been in line for 20 minutes waiting to order, please know your order when you get to the front. #10thingsevery1shouldknow

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