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@sampullara @dickc @sippey NO, SRSLY, THE GYM ISN'T OPEN 24 HRS!
@aweissman @Besvinick How impossibly long ago was it that e-commerce meant no sales tax. Those were good times!
CA agriculture uses lots of waste-treated oil field water. Great reuse, but more testing needed http://t.co/sBonUtdhcP /v @KateGalbraith
RT @jonahowenlamb: California's Population Edges Up to 38.7 Million http://t.co/edz360zNcA
David Letterman Reflects on 33 Years in Late-Night Television http://t.co/RvsWHsrppE
@brezina Wish they had returnable crates.
US Federal Election Commission Can’t Curb 2016 Election Abuse, FEC Commission Chief Says http://t.co/DND0wQhAga
@albertwenger ENJOY!!!
@thepartycow Lookin' good!
@chrismichel What's going on there Moby Dick! Were you on the water??
@altclassic same eyes
@s_bura I'm so used to auto save of void docs it really took me some brains power to recall what I was doing wrong.
RT @MrsFishkin: Let there be justice https://t.co/R8PAcouS65
@markasaurus wow. thanks for the link. Love the originality (at least to avg American sensibilities)
@mosjef lucky you weren't on web or you could have gotten 'sign up to our newsletter'
Church of England ends investments in heavily polluting fossil fuels http://t.co/H6uV5bMzB7 "moral responsibility to protect world’s poor"
RT @nickstatt: AWS is partnering with Tesla in Northern CA to derive all of its energy for solar. So yeah, there’s that.
RT @BasedJane: Shoutouts to the Baltimore Orioles front office, again. Manager Buck Showalter nailed it. @Orioles #BaltimoreUprising http:/…
RT @JohnMaloney: This week marks one year @Circa tremendous learning experience, inspiring small team doing pioneering work, shipping only …
@JordanMendell How about a subscription service? http://t.co/my2JHftv3r /cc @thor

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