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@mathowie I don't think that why it died. It died because no one cared for the community after the power diggers entrenched themselves.
@rklau I'm on page 52! Completely hooked.
@crystale zomg, who is @CCEleven's big girl friend??
I was always envious my parents & older sibs went to the NY World's Fair. The NYT's 50th anniv review is great. http://t.co/IcT39r9hNo
@jonnybwell you're not Slackin at Coachella are you?? @SlackHQ
@aweissman you know what they say, the first time is always the best ;)
@ericnakagawa parking last weekend for cherry blossom was very challenging? Idea: park aside a nearby bus line and bus in/out
RT @atadewunmi: "Everything you can imagine is real.” -Picasso
Saved a tiny deer from a swift rapid while kayaking http://t.co/3rdpkP2lSC via @imgur
"Then he started shouting “Christ has risen!” and then towards the journalist, saying “Go kiss her! Go kiss her!" http://t.co/frMvq3wJWV
@codytownsend smallest violin in the world ;) You and @elysesaugstad ski the best snow / descents all season long 👍🎿🗻🏂
RT @ericnakagawa: Nike Failband - RT to ask Nike to please Open Source the device software. http://t.co/dkcVzlHgA4
RT @ProfDauber: 40th Anniversary Special for ‘Saturday Night Live’ http://t.co/VNvJOx7xBv
@paxxman We should blockade their boats and say cut it the fuck out ok!
@davemcclure @MackFlavelle Invite @DanielleMorrill!
@spencerchen We need to invent a 'dont film me, bro' logo that'll just outright imply 'no recording'. Before vry1 is recording vry1 always.
RT @ericnakagawa: Nike cancels the Fuelband. They should open source the software so new life can be given to the devices. http://t.co/cYbU…
RT @davemcclure: .@CNN: Saudi Arabia to build world's tallest tower, reaching 1 kilometer into the sky http://t.co/t5PRwPRPCy #KingdomTower…
"In an act that is equal parts despair and hope, the government is transporting the salmon by truck and barge" http://t.co/gzvYwify2t
[Japan really insists on killing/eating whales O_o] Japan to Resume Whaling Program w Revisions for Court Concerns http://t.co/CIkSa1KkKR

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