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RT @grasswire: Hong Kong's leader says free elections would enable city's poor to dominate the process http://t.co/s9xGU177ES https://t.co/…
@CliffMass @sawickipedia I love atmospheric rivers! and we're gonna get "a piece of the action"
UK online trolls may face 2 years in jail: http://t.co/JGo2TrOICq
Use bullet points or numbered lists a lot? ProTip: Cmd-Shift-8, Cmd-Shift-9 starts new lists in many apps.
I love @SlackHQ's exhaust is a history of most every company action. That benefit pushes us even harder to discuss almost everything openly.
I ask @photomatt about @WordPress's fully distributed workforce whenever I see him. Here's are good insights https://t.co/mToZnEXUfN
@sacca @chrismichel Counterfeit money??
Nigeria declared Ebola-free by WHO: http://t.co/3y4UhZvx4w
Since 2006, Nike has gone from 35% to 60% of the U.S. footwear market. http://t.co/451eAqnGMj
RT @tortoiseontour: 1. boston globe writes about gg 2. gg calls it "poorly-researched hit-piece" on reddit 3. writer comes in, destroys htt…
RT @kennethn: My 11 year-old boy needs our love and support today. He already has all the courage in the world. #TeamRiley http://t.co/OZkJ…
Beverage industry spends > $7.7M opposing SF ballot measure. $15/voter. http://t.co/9Oeuw2ih9o [Their "populist" campaign is everywhere]
RT @raju: This @BrilliantMaps: A map of every car bomb explosion in Baghdad since 2003 http://t.co/2XmFZ7Vh2I
@ericnakagawa yeah. Tho there'll be a v fun Halloween thing at Pier 70 http://t.co/BmS4Ph9AdD
@ericnakagawa Hey. I'm wrong. It was only yesterday. No fair today.
RT @Joshmedia: Don't be stingy doling out credit for good ideas even when ownership is murky. It will pay off
@ericnakagawa today and tomorrow :)
Are you in your head more often than you want. Try this discussion on Dark Knowledge by Reggie Ray http://t.co/aESx3snQfH Thx! @sydtek
@ericnakagawa Free and unlimited jumpy houses at Potrero Hill Festival #justsaying
@capndesign @sippey matchie matchie!

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