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RT @WilliamsJon: UN Human Rights Council votes for Commission of Inquiry on alleged war crimes in #Gaza. 1 country voted against: USA http:…
RT @davidsirota: Billionaire owner of the Red Wings unveils his new taxpayer financed arena on the same day Detroit slashes pensions http:/…
While I think I hear people pretty well, I wish I was a more patient listener. RT @om: Now just sit down and listen…. http://t.co/RYMrZmQgAX
A secular temple built for Galileo and other astronomers and scientists in 1700s by Leopoldo II @… http://t.co/l6xyCqSsWn
RT @sarahintampa: Amazon Quietly Launches Its Consumer-Facing Mobile Wallet App, Amazon Wallet: http://t.co/l83Y3jiiAx
RT @arjanschutte: USPS still dreaming about serving #underbanked. It's a great idea on paper, but the reality will fall short, says me htt…
RT @copernicc: Bitcoin for the Underbanked http://t.co/A91rwEnW8f
RT @seanbonner: Just wrote a blog post I've been scared of writing for weeks: http://t.co/P46odaU06k
@eran I guess it was unclear. This was a reference to increasing head count.
RT @DavidMillsDept: Keeping it real and casually inspirational. @Piper & @larrysmith on the motherfucking View http://t.co/IWsydEFyLz
Being perfectly dressed “contributes directly to that personal peace which religion is ultimately supposed to bestow.” Elizabeth Hawes
"The more people we add, the less we seem to be able to do." Quotable words of wisdom from CEO of a fast-growing business.
Ethiopia Becomes China’s China in Search for Cheap Labor http://t.co/ItecMQ0cym via @BloombergNews
RT @KenRoth: Palestinians killed: more kids (129) than militants (86). 4.7x as many civilians as militants. http://t.co/1p4dsslNBM http://t…
@SamGichuru awful ...
Hedge Funds used dubious shell companies (created by banks) to turn nano-second trades into long-term low-tax events http://t.co/AADHFcwjQb
Over more than a decade, Renaissance [hedge fund] avoided more than $6 billion in taxes alone. http://t.co/AADHFcwjQb
"Life pivots on punctuated moments" @Mazzeo http://t.co/jwJ6IoaDSO
RT @abgutman: Jasmin is Israeli, Osama is Palestinian. They are a happy family !#JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies http://t.co/Oy2Rjo08V7
RT @SportsCenter: Agnes McKee threw out the 1st pitch at Mets/Padres game in San Diego today. Agnes just turned 105 years old. http://t.c…

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