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@waxpancake http://t.co/z1SlxU8Rnl
If I knew the way, I would take you home. 💀🌹
@morningmoneyben http://t.co/PCwyxI5sTn
@morningmoneyben @BlairDC http://t.co/7g158oRTAL
Crippled but free, I was blind all the time I was learning to see 💀🌹
@ekai Dude, It's like a labyrinth and they stopped selling beer! I gotta get back for Let It Grow. So good. Maybe gonna have to dance here.
I'm going to get a beer, anyone need anything? #FareTheeWell
@DanMar85 http://t.co/Jh7kqW6b0T
@DaveMagrogan http://t.co/PCwyxI5sTn
RT @mabelcalliope: Fire! Fire on the Mountain! http://t.co/JQx1KJtXlD
Once in a while you get shown the light In the strangest of places if you look at it right 💀🌹 #FareTheWell
Trey seems so thoroughly delighted to be signing Scarlet Begonias for the Dead. 💀🌹 #FareTheWell
@Tomprice https://t.co/EyhHxqcMWB
@Northcampusdawg that's very cool. I gotta catch some shows.
"They're a band beyond description..." #FareTheeWell 💀🌹
@morningmoneyben not a tease!
RT @aweissman: Jack Straw jam!
@jeffinhamilton poor other bands, playing the same set every night of their tours 💀🌹
Paid $30 to live stream a concert in Chicago. I still don't get why more band tours don't offer couch tickets. #FareTheWell #Dead50

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Founder/CEO Dogster, Inc. (Dogster.com/Catster.com) and OneMatchFire(.com). Start-up mentor. Rational idealist. Bon vivant to be. http://about.me/tedr/bio

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