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RT @joshacagan: not cool, #UberRating http://t.co/53JH5oWyYB
@snerko @jurzynski Hey, you guys hear about the guy who fell into an upholstery machine??? He's fully recovered.
@charlescoxhead HFS! That is some toy!!
I added facefuls of tears today to all those shed for Aaron Schwartz, The Internet's Own Boy https://t.co/gBVvuV2rrk Demand Progress
4.9?!? I'm switching to SideCar.
@charlescoxhead what would you not want to do with it?!
RT @danshapiro: Mr. Yankovic's label, RCA, informed him that it was unwilling to pay for videos http://t.co/nU1LNlLT8m
RT @nytimes: Mapping the spreading drought across the U.S. http://t.co/ffli55QtwR http://t.co/Z6riwl60be
@m2jr Sure there are solutions, but I don't think any are peaceful. Neither party has any interest in the mutual existence of the other.
@m2jr do you think there can be a solution?
RT @ReggaeMarleyBob: http://t.co/VJZqKlucEr
@ryanchris yeah, the evolutionary trait of making large self-value assessments based upon the ppl most like you really hammers us these days
U.S. median household net worth was $87,992 in 2003. In 2013 it was $56,335 (inflation-adjstd) http://t.co/35UcDRsH3B http://t.co/GiFSC4IUUR
[Another story of massive riches and absent ethics] In Ferry Deaths, a South Korean Tycoon’s Downfall http://t.co/AFWLRJrqf3
@drewtoothpaste @meaganewaller that sounds a lot like my experience entering US workforce in early '90s.
@msg depression keeps the economy humming
RT @davidsirota: NYT editorial backs legalizing weed. Then NYT officials say they will continue drug testing for marijuana: http://t.co/OhJ…
@pmarca @cdixon @parislemon agreed. When you back is against wall and Hail Mary is your last option left, dissension is unacceptable.
RT @GSElevator: "There is not a single justifiable reason for wearing khakis with a tie beyond the age of 16."
@keithrichman like a Stretch Armstrong. The entire goal was to break it...

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