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@JulienSharp here. Thx. https://t.co/4jsABvpE2o
@Cat_Marnell The truth is out there! Find it for us!
Here's the result so far of my unscientific poll on company founders & student debt load https://t.co/LG7fkb7NMP Still need more takers.
I'm taking an anonymous poll on how much debt company founders left college/gradsch with. Can you answer or pass on? https://t.co/4jsABvpE2o
@nvenkataraman1 My ignorant hunch is that SpaceX is going to do everything to be perfect, on-time, on-cost and make a competition of it.
Boeing and SpaceX get NASA taxi contracts worth $6.8 billion: http://t.co/6kkfqjy33a [Great head-to-head competition of the old and the new]
Bill seeks to end NFL's tax-exempt status because of Washington's team name: http://t.co/lDTs93z3bx
I used to think I was pretty savvy about ATM skimmers & why bank-site & inside ATMs were safer. Color me paranoid now http://t.co/bJr0hoOkjo
Tons of details on why CC breaches will keep happening. RT @KrebsSecurity: Breach at Goodwill Vendor Lasted 18 Months http://t.co/c8TXF3jwxU
@davidu "But I cc'd you. Didn't you notice? I wanted you to be informed discussion was happening, but we can handle it without you"
@davidu @ryanchris So is the opportunity then to do large-scale debt financing for Seed, A, B investing and give terms VCs wont ;)
@stewart @capndesign @ftrain I think I will frame & put by front door. Related: Thich Nhat Hanh's "The Art of Power" is a VERY helpful book
RT @jonatan: Super awesome new feature with Yosemite + iOS 8. You can record the iPhone screen directly with Quick time http://t.co/P0G2kPx…
RT @tomwilliams: Haha MUST SEE RT “@mmastrac: U2 from 2008 to 2014 http://t.co/DJylS4jMTe”
RT @frankba: People worried Minecraft will change under Microsoft need only look at hotmail, acquired 16 years ago and never changed.
@ryanchris esp for the unicorns... but for avg VC deals (Seed, A, B, C) is what I mean. Time will tell ;)
@ryanchris Other direction. It presumes VCs put so much stock in top VCs (which they do) and as a group they'll cool to high valuations.
We're seeing enough posts by top VCs saying good times may decrease (or much worse) that non-unicorn valuations shld flatline now (or worse)
@abatalion @owenbrainard @kevinweil I find posting pix via my kid's twtr acct means it's seen by the ppl that know & care about her & me =)
NYT: Fixing Climate Change May Be Effectively Free, Report Says http://t.co/gxMCH6dfar

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