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@hunterwalk Overall I think most people would be bummed to know how little reach their tweets actually get.
@ryanchris Why the fuck does @FOXSports think American baseball fans want Joe Buck announcing baseball??? No one likes him anywhere.
RT @ciberch: @tedr @pmarca yes I take my baby to work some times like my countrywomen do in the Andes http://t.co/eObxLmKKz2 http://t.co/i4…
@ciberch @pmarca I've been thinking a lot about @jdulski's "Work-Life Mashup" http://t.co/4Kp3lOGkJM and trying to blend more than separate.
"When Apple allows 3rd party apps to use NFC & fingerprint scanner at a POS, what does that do to Bitcoin adoption?" http://t.co/QamRiNfjMh
"US mothers now spend more time w/ their children, than mothers in 1965 when most women weren't also working" http://t.co/oHXm4kGxlp #TED
@stewart and 1 pair to 426 Connecticut St, SF CA 94107 pleeeeeese @om
@ericnakagawa IMO north of $150k for early and mid-level experience. (non-engineering)
@jeffrey IMO it's more than that. $150k salary + signing bonuses for mid-level job (not engineers) just can't last at dozens of companies.
@ekai @mollybloom I rode in a candy corn earlier. It was a lot like a minivan with leatherish seats.
@cbtacy Also if you say bubble, you get Sea Lioned about why you said bubble ;) http://t.co/bBjivNprWg and that's not my interest!
@cbtacy IMO there's lots of value being created at best companies. I expect a correction & shake out, but not a cross-sector blow up.
Not calling it a bubble, but the BIG salaries, signing bonuses & perks at highly valued tech companies can't be sustainable across industry.
RT @InVenture: More on Facebook's (http://t.co/5MWPLznenh) new zero-cost data partnership in Tanzania http://t.co/HExN9Za1I9 Their 1st laun…
RT @InVenture: Here are all the services Facebook Zero (aka http://t.co/wUXbcyCiY2) is getting free to Tanzanians using Tigo Mobile http://…
RT @EdwardNorton: Get a 'Birdman’ poster signed by the whole cast. 1st 10 to give $200+ to a Maasai runner in @nycmarathon get one: http://…
@ryan @ryanchris I think they focused too much on expensive conferences and lazy resubscribers of basecamp and lulled themselves to sleep
RT @markasaurus: Another San Francisco voter guide, with a well-written introduction, by @tarintowers https://t.co/EIMN6j3GNe (lots to thin…
Very cute @uber http://t.co/o9TMQErprj
Violent Protests Topple Government in Burkina Faso http://t.co/WCW6s7P0vs

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