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@jacksonwest did you ask that before or after reading the article?
RT @Tonianni: Google’s brilliant plan to get millions to adopt its e-money system: Gmail http://t.co/J1xvw4oXaO via @asemota @tedr
@km @upstart Collab Fund is on it! Very valuable to be part of it. Speaking of, that update that will excite you coming in 24hrs.
Upstart offers $25k loans (7%-3 yrs), alt underwriting (credit + education history), funded by loan investors http://t.co/yHGu8srCmr /v @km
@niccai yes, and phone calls and TV.
RT @HayleyBeaver: 3D Street art 💥 http://t.co/DmxS4CU9yw
The robots allow them to do more of what they love “I’d rather be a cow manager, than a people manager.” http://t.co/D5DSgCtDCF
With Farm Robotics, the Cows Decide When It’s Milking Time http://t.co/D5DSgCtDCF Must read on how robotics is making small farmers happier
I'm in a fascinating/real/hard email thread w/ old friends on the struggle parents can have being present w/ their kids and not their phones
ICYMI. RT @micahgoulart: Hands down the best photo ever taken at a dog show. http://t.co/9KxQRaZmUB
@asemota add Facebook to that list too ... http://t.co/qjy8EDeEeJ
@asemota Yeah. Understood. It may take 10 years, but I'm pretty sure WU and MG day's are numbered.
@asemota do you think this hastens crypto currency adoption?
Brookstone's sales fell for yrs before filing for bankruptcy. Decline was largely attributed to online retailing. http://t.co/wHD8RlfQBR
@s5 @ddukes @ryanchris snarf!
@hunterwalk that was just a couple yrs after @WellsFargo moved thousands to 37hr/wk to avoid paying benefits. #NeverForget @mwalsh
@mwalsh you'll have a friendly dedicated rep. Free ATM. Free courier. No ads on website ;) @hunterwalk @firstrepublic
@hunterwalk @WellsFargo if you switched @firstrepublic you cry w joy on every login. Just sayin. It my fav bank in SF
@EvaDestrction so that means you and @ddukes are natives and no one else is ;) I swear when I meet someone that grew up in the Bay I clap.
@Sippey just becuz you're a non-role playing character doesn't mean you're not participating in a 70s dystopian retro-future LARP @mulegirl

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