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Former cop charged with civil rights violation after leaving Indian man partially paralyzed http://t.co/SOr9J2NHar
AR gov. says he'll sign 'religious freedom' bill that allows discrimination of gay people [What the fuck, America?!?] http://t.co/2pHVoiqiG7
Israel withheld 3 months' worth of Palestinian tax revenue while Palenatine applied to join Intl Criminal Court. http://t.co/9ynQ7td2z8
@sanfranannie Forage makes even me feel like a foodie cook!
RT @Hashimoto_SF: Rad new mural by 1010 in Delhi. http://t.co/d4aTX4ow6q
@micah glad you at least caught you're head trying to mess with your head ;)
"Best thing since the wheel. A nice easy way to access cash." http://t.co/QQOCTWAoJC Customer reviews fuel our team http://t.co/RDvICVAtMm
"Reg A+ is IPO Lite. Requires a lite version of S-1, 10K, 8K, SEC Review, etc. It's not for startups and it's not crowdfunding." @naval
@sara I love that she's been deemed an inheritor of the Mission School. That spirit got overwhelmed by graffiti/robot/vice art.
RT @WeirdHistoryPix: Thad Starner, the technical lead of Google Glass, with a wearable computer as an MIT student in 1997 http://t.co/IZwc0…
Eric Marcullier! @bpm140 http://t.co/KIYWIfg1xa
@joshuanguyen I truly appreciate in concept, but not in my face. @RickWebb
The shortcut of G & FB's Loon and Aquila global Internet access tech is they extend cellular reach: 100% carrier owned and controlled.
Same. RT @RickWebb: Please God just filter meerkat and periscope out of my feed. I know it's anti-future of me but I just don't care.
RT @ClaraJeffery: Salesforce CEO to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence: F you and your bigoted law http://t.co/iMFjOsOngG http://t.co/yvwf3pIjxm
RT @BillGates: Since 2010, children’s and mothers’ lives have been saved at the fastest rate ever: http://t.co/d5NcaxZASs http://t.co/P7st…
RT @endurablegoods: Cleaning out old messages... Found this great pic of #SF dipped in gold. Photo: @tedr http://t.co/lsMv4edo0p
@bridgetwi both. Seriously.
RT @martinvars: Tough to raise $ In Europe for a venture that wants to change the world. Hard to raise money in SV for one that does not.
Sanity coming to US payday loans: Caps on loan rollover to 2 or 3; No interest-only repayments http://t.co/r9DokkvPot

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