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RT @Theremina: Holocaust Survivor Bankrolls Rescue of 2,000 ISIS Victims https://t.co/LypbjWMJwb
@courtstarr @din Cornucopia!
@GreatDismal I never noticed how their tails fan out when they're paddling. Thanks.
Now try to imagine, at an ever-accelerating pace, what's possible in another 58 yrs... https://t.co/DamPLpKmwE
@joemarchese @ChristieM Do something that scares you every day 🍗🍗🍗
Time to make the pie 🎃
RT @toongif: "The Framed Cat," Hanna-Barbera (1950) #ThanksGIFing https://t.co/Ol4aJDd8vM
RT @PatriciaVDavis: Preach, it brother, preach it. https://t.co/SQCbv47eHm
@alexia I would hope heaven offers a Da Conch Shack lunch option!
@alexia if you want to go car exploring take a spin on Chalk Sound Dr on SW Providenciales
RT @LuckyPeach: Happy Thanksgiving from @davidchang and all of us at Lucky Peach! https://t.co/VM63c3OAi7
RT @toongif: "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," Bill Melendez, Phil Roman (1973) #ThanksGIFing https://t.co/mKt0k2MSUI https://t.co/zxOxJFKztC
RT @toongif: "Bart vs. Thanksgiving," The Simpsons (1990) #ThanksGIFing https://t.co/QvUspo4hCw
RT @toongif: "Donald's Nephews," Walt Disney (1938) #ThanksGIFing https://t.co/6SzZT9VvCj
RT @DepressedDarth: Happy Thanksgiving https://t.co/S0LaxbSPBG
RT @DistroKid: Happy thanksgiving! https://t.co/Fy8kambR94
RT @Super70sSports: Happy ThanksGibbing! https://t.co/pMn7XvJrif
RT @TheMorningNews: "In the past week, however, 'Donald Trump as fascist' has gone from hyperbolic to mainstream." https://t.co/y5akxfZSwg
RT @asalim86: Fun piece by @lauramholson on the popularity of hoverboards and how local laws are struggling to keep up | https://t.co/LCSiI…
"investors loan money to cash-strapped soccer teams in return for a percentage of the fees when a player is traded" https://t.co/XyI739ZSUd

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