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@cskott I love it! It's very Austin.
@Joshmedia there's such a day of reckoning for higher education institutions. So many pillars of the institution are on hollow ground
@gotwalt the phone slides into your actual fanny...
@joyce Have you seen the contracts states' signed. They actually owe the prisons $ if the cells aren't full.
RT @EricHolthaus: This continental-scale weather pattern is truly Ridiculously Resilient. West=all-time warm, East=all-time cold http://t.c…
@Besvinick why do you think phone streaming took so long to be a thing? Didnt ustream have an app 4 yrs ago?
@kentgoldman I'm just focused on helping the team out. One day at a time. Waiting and seeing.
RT @MaxCRoser: This is a nanoinjector, a microscopic machine that is used to inject cells with DNA (via: http://t.co/ZuqeoUeXMK) http://t…
@gotwalt you'll need the iWatch, naturally
RT @deciara: True that. RT @MrAlanCooper: #WeekendTweet http://t.co/ZR5U81Je8p
RT @Coco_Crisp: Today at first Little League games http://t.co/WlycGVIwQ6
Man. I had completely forgotten about In Search Of. That show had a profound affect on my 10 year old brain. #LLAP http://t.co/0qZ6S2hrNh
Perfect fierce capture! @garrytan: Caught the lightning bolt over Bernal Heights! https://t.co/CVcpiF0dv5
RT @teddy: Currently in the Mission ⛅️ http://t.co/uFUJVASBP7
RT @eveb: I love how pink SF Twitter and Instagram are right now. Makes me want gum and cotton candy.
Rainless February thunder and lighting in SF. http://t.co/Yv0MBrI4uI
Sad. RT @Caterina: Celebrities and chatrooms thwart the bluebells and buttercups of childhood: http://t.co/gmD4PAFeFM http://t.co/Gvq24uBnDg
I love that a Kenyan journalist just penned the first article connecting @InVenture & our @MkopoRahisi lending prodct http://t.co/YIBBX8bv0v
RT @InVenture: Unsolicited press: "Inventure's Mkopo Rahisi Wants to Break Banks in Africa" http://t.co/H6ZySPk5NJ /by @TechMoran's @SamWak…
RT @altclassic: On this day in 1983, @U2 released their third album "War." The boy on the cover, Peter Rowen is now 41 years old. #U2 http:…

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