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RT @CRTejada: MT @brittanyhite: When Google increased paid maternity leave to 18 weeks, rate at which new mothers left fell by 50% http://t…
@kennethn you know the judge, prosecutor and/or chief of police knew the white man that murdered those girls.
RT @kennethn: Deplorable: Judge throws out teen’s murder conviction 70 years after his execution http://t.co/DQWva2PohX
RT @MaxCRoser: More time for children & more equality of paid work and housework How moms and dads spend their time: 1965 vs 2011 http://t…
RT @dodo: Prepare your heart: a dog runs for the first time thanks to his new 3-D printed legs http://t.co/U186cl6qg4 http://t.co/v3sQToaMGZ
RT @mcleger: http://t.co/yaqor79lpW
Whistle-Blower on Countrywide Mortgage Misdeeds to Get $57 Million http://t.co/zFXulJjNDg via @dealbook
@alexoid who else poet raps on top of jazz hip hop? So good.
@alexoid it was sooo good
Microbes found thriving 2.4km under sea floor in an ancient coal bed system with no light, oxygen, and few nutrients http://t.co/AEjOlH91Sl
For the Record: 113th Congress ends passing significantly fewer bills than 1948 'Do-Nothing Congress' http://t.co/mU3WK7J8bO
@joemarchese shit. I used it as a teaching moment. I was always v. Impressed w your passion and insistence ad product must be made better.
Another case of a lost company growing into a great exit by bringing back the founding CEO. Congrats @joemarchese! http://t.co/oy65jJbWxf
@joemarchese @jacob Wait, let me try! (See next tweet)
After 6th years of painfully measured centrist action, I'm enjoying this "dont give a hoot what you say" Obama trend.
@Kazanjy I love to see the continued (if not greater) product success and passion /after/ the acquisition 👍
RT @elements: 111 years ago, the Wright brothers piloted the first airplane. Photos, from @tnyphotobooth: http://t.co/N7tf28HOEJ http://t.c…
Great summary of @jeremysliew's investing analysis & foreknowledge. He was an A+ @dogster Angel & clearly much more. http://t.co/P8XngfIBcx
One of my favorite social invention: pushable water containers by @wellowater http://t.co/4PtI6hXwNp http://t.co/nrvgMNgnIF
Huge fan of how @hellodigit uses data to help people save money. Proud to be a part. Here's a referral link https://t.co/PNAzw6fG5F

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