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@Kjell7 wonder how long the D batteries lasted in those ;)
@mames zomg. End of an early era for u. Can't wait to have u over soon to talk what's next. Onward!
I sure enjoy having a big phone with an all-day battery. Once less little modern stress to have to think about.
RT @sallykohn: Muslim shooter = entire religion guilty Black shooter = entire race guilty White shooter = mentally troubled lone wolf
RT @JohnSheaHey: Bud Selig on #athletics, #sfgiants and all matters Bay Area. My interview and story http://t.co/USHJxyBOyp via @sfchronicle
RT @Gizmodo: AT&T made the first transcontinental phone call 100 years ago today: http://t.co/ROPPzKjTnx http://t.co/7BtibjUJI5
@joshelman there are some days when I finally get a remote print to work and want to have a party to celebrate.
RT @BarackObama: These senators are at odds with 97% of climate scientists and NASA. #ActOnClimate http://t.co/zYUuwl7AFb
RT @CaseyNewton: Uber is illegal in Utah. So naturally, drivers at #Sundance are soliciting customers on …. Grindr http://t.co/OnPNG5zh8t
RT @allnick: Sign of SF real estate: 4 people showing up 10 min early to a showing of a 1BR apartment that costs $4200 per month #unreal
RT @tristanwalker: We're hiring a Director, Finance at @walkercobrands! Interested? Would love to hear from you!! https://t.co/45Xse9oBSE
.@lesliebocskor tracks daily changes in the legal cannabis industry in US & intl. Pace of change is astounding. Like fall of Berlin Wall.
Last >2x return investors were 4/2010. RT @500Startups: How the VCs did in the #BoxIPO https://t.co/LnlYr1j689 http://t.co/FkpM5G7DiM
CONGRATS to @ALLPowerLabs & @Tomprice for winning $2M grant to turn dead CA forest wood into carbon instead of atmospheric control burning
@tek_fin real-time credit scoring and mobile money lending were the first two unbundled services that came to my mind ;) bryce
@asemota its surprising. Their music storage and player interface is lousy too. I wonder why they pinch their pennies like that?
@asemota I loved Transparent, but the Amazon VOD section and players needs a bottom-up rewrite!
@anthonysoohoo My dryers interface is so bad I only wasted 3 hours trying to get it to notify my phone app a load was done. Mostly true
RT @Quan: Now this is a real #paloaltoproblem. http://t.co/uDXKrB83gQ

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