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Saudi government warns women not to join driving protest: http://t.co/t0F5FX8Snq [Our allies]
Evading Orthodox overseers, women conduct bat mitzvah at Western Wall: http://t.co/SbFJefRGPA
RT @trammell: CHP officer accused of stealing nude photos from DUI suspect's phone: "has been going on for years within the [CHP]" http://t…
RT @jonnybwell: What @InVenture works on everyday: 'This is the progress of our time, bringing people up out of poverty' @pmarca http://t.…
RT @ajr771: yes! RT @inventure Early peak at a tool we've made to show how much our customers appreciate our financial services. http://t.c…
An early peak at an @Inventure tool to show how much our Kenyan customers appreciate our financial services. http://t.co/t9IeOpyRGl”
@pmarca my ideas: Middle school sex ed classes that cover such harassment and its causes. And then laws and punishments for such abuse.
From the day I saw a QR code I thought they were part of our future & never believed the hate they were gimmicks. https://t.co/SRABO0KXGm
@sydtek My heart space is radiating thanks. I'm truly grateful.
"Human experience /is/ the journey for human people." Reggie Ray
@ericnakagawa Their tools are as powerful as they are cowardly. That must have been so hard.
@ericnakagawa Also I never heard about the doxxing. For sharing humor and joy. So effed up.
@ericnakagawa So awful. We need school sex health classes about non-physical abuse and we need laws against this. @priforce
Such shit! RT @priforce: Felicia Day Opens Up About #GamerGate Fears, Has Her Private Details Exposed Minutes Later http://t.co/X8zmrFt9rj
@Ruxputin Happy f*cking brithday!!!
@gregcohn @sawickipedia I did not know they even had a web product. I will actually try it out.
"Personally I am terrified to be doxxed for even typing the words “Gamer Gate” http://t.co/5DtFX86JCd
@tara I was terrified for a second there! @gregcohn
@gregcohn Don't even get me started on why there's no key command to open gdrive, or gcal from within gmail or any G App ...
@gregcohn Dude, that bugs so much. There's not even a link to http://t.co/diRtejp6MN anywhere on those pages.

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