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Let's do this @Delta ! https://t.co/sFC1XZdeR8
15 American Cities with the Cleanest Air #ad https://t.co/96IYNKkKBT
Hmmm @netflix suggested "Flubber" to me. What did I do wrong?
Check out the world's biggest freestanding Rubik's cube #ad https://t.co/FwUvdfUOai
What's the healthiest way to eat a vegetable? #ad https://t.co/FsngQPXEuQ
RT @izea: Learn @equalman's 5 #Habits To #Success & #Happiness In A WiFi World - #IZEAFest https://t.co/wJrJpalf7Z https://t.co/iTf3T6Cs3I
ShareWorthy Influencer Marketing Podcast Episode 2: Interview with Erik Qualman https://t.co/fZt5Q1fUWL
Antonio Banderas Becomes First Celeb to Sell Designs on Starlite Shop Online Sales Platform #ad https://t.co/kQkRpMuf9Z
What a Sunday should look like. https://t.co/zW4mgpO7BU
"The sun is making this continent beautiful today" https://t.co/onT2K24Ilv
The Winning Balance For Online Greatness https://t.co/DckwRnynMZ
Let's go @OrlandoMagic ! https://t.co/P0jHMKrj1K
Top 25 Canadian Social Media Influencers https://t.co/oSl9yyCYeo
IZEA Reports Q1 Bookings of $7.8 Million https://t.co/kp5XPEIOYv
@OmieNice @smartthings @amazonecho @Lutron @tweethue They are @Lutron blinds, controlled by @smartthings
Looking forward to integrating this @ArloSmartHome https://t.co/8HFtv7mCiM
Industry Influencer Round-Up: 2017 Content Marketing Trends To Watch https://t.co/3QZEJxSk1J
My #smarthome is coming together @amazonecho @Lutron @smartthings @tweethue https://t.co/tWHtt8pX5h
Indeed. https://t.co/R7KiQFNZ0C
IZEAFest Session Video Recap: Erik Qualman’s 5 Habits To Success & Happiness In A WiFi World https://t.co/L8CGlReLc7

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Founder/CEO of IZEA. Serial entrepreneur. 13x Marathon runner. Cheese eater. Baconator. Apple fan boy. Owner of 3 pairs of pants. Disruption with a smile.