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New spots for coffee and tea
Elixir for the mindful
How many sunsets?
The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus. — BRUCE LEE
@skohler easy. 2 grams of @samovarlife Shibumi matcha sifted. Whisk with hot water. Add ice and shake. Add milk to taste.
@nnaficy get ready:). It's time Seattle gets a dose of @tea What hoods do you suggest?
"Most human beings spend 50 to 90 percent or more of their time in fantasy.’ ~Charlotte Joko Beck
Iced. Matcha. Latte. It's on.
Iced matcha shot new recipe. Chilly and creamy and grassy.
What is the best tea brand in the world? Tell us
RT @gapingvoidart: What entrepreneurship feels like:
Best places to work from ok San Francisco (after @Samovarlife)
Beautiful tea
Oolong time
Where there's tea there's hope.
Setting dog and sun
RT @petermcd1010: Oh, wow, this is good: "How to Ruin Your Company with One Bad Process" by @bhorowitz
That's right. Our restroom. @samovarlife
Brewing fresh calendula
Testing fresh herbs catnip yarrow and calendula blossoms

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