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Beautiful tea
Oolong time
Where there's tea there's hope.
Setting dog and sun
RT @petermcd1010: Oh, wow, this is good: "How to Ruin Your Company with One Bad Process" by @bhorowitz
That's right. Our restroom. @samovarlife
Brewing fresh calendula
Testing fresh herbs catnip yarrow and calendula blossoms
Who'd like a #chai?
Urban tea oasis
The most even caffeine buzz comes from tea.
Yes. It is time for @tea. 7 am green ecstasy. @samovarlife
Meditation for strivers
Tea for two at @Samovarlife- check it out.
Eating dirt is food for you.
Let loose third wave tea.
Signage finally!
Rosie Palmer Lemon Iced Tea Recipe via @samovarlife
When one is able to materialize gratitude through an expression of thanks, this gratitude becomes medicine ... - Sri prem baba
#matcha latte and plum puerh tasting @411valencia st

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