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@shala_siceloff Hey Shala, really sorry to see you had a bad experience at this location. Can you call 800-854-0819 this week with details?
@BigBallaWood Starts off strong, but not enough Taco John's imo
@Hannah_Jean97 We want you to have Taco John's.
@OscarOrtega10 You know it.
@XcRunnaEV Sorry about that, Brooke. Can you fill out our contact form with some more details? https://t.co/8t5KlTKl4z
@zZStarThunderZz Do we get a vote?
@whxsperchxnte https://t.co/hgfl2ua1dA
@cjskram Enjoy 😏 https://t.co/2O7bgoOR6i
It’s time to give some props to our top picks when it comes to all things TJ®. Welcome to The #Crunchies. https://t.co/Kup2qJnJu9
@dashofweak @TygerWDR https://t.co/x06CfdRI8A
@ikortneyschmitt 😔 Our bad
@krissynicol on the way
Fact: Fish Tacos and Shrimp Street Tacos are so good, they’ll have you feelin’ like this: #SummerVibes https://t.co/ambo8uEXgM
@NussLorie https://t.co/9j2sQ8OCJ3
@jspurg We've been thinking about you too ❤️️
@rachel_six12 https://t.co/tDNVdPo48d
@jphsnake https://t.co/yEGMQTFk2o
@omfgmeow https://t.co/zCttJC1oy5
4 reasons Fish Tacos are better than a boat party: https://t.co/mNPUgtilfj #CaseClosed https://t.co/GLeoYH4dCQ

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