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RT @SikanderFayyaz: Okay, so I just took this photo. Had to tweet. https://t.co/RSQwJRY2fa
RT @rehanallahwala: See Rehan bhai, i dont want to be rude in any way but the reason you are doing all of this is to help people. Now in m…
Second attack of food poising in a month. This time with Fever 🤢🤒 — feeling sick
Let’s talk https://t.co/MOiQQESjoc
Lol 🤣 https://t.co/dpbU5e4tPB
RT @synixtech: #PKDomain Register any of the Pakistani cTLD for Rs.2000 only. — .pk / .com.pk / .net.pk / .org.pk / .edu.pk / .web.pk / .fa…
#T10 #Cricket series in #Sharjah was like #CounterStrike game 😁 Limited time to defuse the bomb.
کوئ اور نواز کو مروائے نا مروائے مریم نواز ضرور مروائے گئ
That’s what the great Wasim Akram used to do. https://t.co/lQn4b37vWB
I worry about the mental level of my nation where most of them thinks, “Girl Riding A Bike” is Women Empowerment. 🙄
What can you do when Morgan is on fire? 😏 52 on 14 balls
Hence proved, Punjabi Legends don’t know how to ball yorkers
Come on Punjabi Legends 🏏
BTC $19,888 some exchanges are showing $20,910 already 💰
As Full As Possible List of EIG Companies and Brands With Details (Beware EIG Hosting!) https://t.co/AvQwVkj05i
Andha aur Kala Qanoon https://t.co/GTKaX2qsvQ
اوے جا اوے دسمبرا اج فیر ناشتہ اپے ئ بنایا ۰
“Thanks God I didn’t buy bitcoin” I’m waiting every morning to say this.

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