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About to see @jimmyfallon. Was supposed to see him on my 30th but then he hurt his finger- how dare he! Hope he gives me a high 5.
RT @whoiswillo: Barack Obama to Mitt Romney: I just beat you, and this is crazy, but this election is over, so call me maybe?
RT @Jewyorican: I would give anything for the sign language interpreter to bust out some Gangnam Style right now. A girl can dream. # ...
@airfrance Bag ref #JFKAF65120. My husband & I have called your office multiple times. My bag apparently arrived (cont) http://t.co/e8CWs1gY
RT @ElBloombito: No evacuatioño orderos esta to be issued until mi airplanero lands que safely at mi Bermuda beachcasa.
"Countesses don't drink coffee! They only drink tea." - overheard at work
Now he's playing Goodnight Irene with the violinist. Let's just say that the violin sounds a lot better than her voice.
Ebullient crowd for Seven Nation Army "encore." Um, did anyone else notice how awkward this past hour or so has been? #jackwhite
At least he's played longer than last night...? We'll see...he seems angry and the energy is off. He sure can shred though!
Jack White said we'd be friends, but then he slammed his guitar down after Ball & Biscuit and left the stage for 5 mins...
AWESOME. “@louisvirtel: Call me a radical, but I think we'd all like it if Obama addressed the nation as "girl." #DNC”
RT @AlexBalk: Okay, here's the proposal: We re-elect Obama and after that we have a decade where we only let women run the country.
RT @BarackObama: Sen. John Kerry’s message to Mitt Romney: “Before you debate Barack Obama on foreign policy, you better finish the deba ...
Ok, my superficial side is drowning out my polisci degree...FLOTUS looks awesome again tonight! Anyone know who designed her dress? #DNC
@pattonoswalt I once had a full conversation with some models in the magazine I was reading after I took Ambien. Fun times...
Note to self: in the future, do not listen to @springsteen's album "The River" before bed. "heaaarrtt and souul...hearrrrtt and soulll..."
OMG SO MUCH FUR “@HopAlongHollow: Nimbus disapproves of... Well... Everything! #rabbits #adopt http://t.co/CFRzFPX7”
"The horror...the horror." http://t.co/IEWVfuHJ

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redheaded college educated NYer of irish descent via maine works at a nonprofit, makes pretty jewelry for etsy, loves music, is veg, wanderlusts, has bunnies!

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