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Remember this old antique? #throwback https://t.co/MPIB5pm0iX
I just published “Oh, I see how it is…blame me!” https://t.co/DDC4TLLILo
I just backed trakkies. a multifunctional microcomputer for your things. on @Kickstarter http://t.co/lO5e3WpwpZ
Foggy days make great window whiteboards. https://t.co/7eST7FlAKm
An Onion headline? No... its real! : Waffle House to expand into package delivery, will pay drivers with waffles http://t.co/HxjY5E8Fh1
"All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope." Winston Churchill
RT @Forbes: Samsung’s Smart TVs not only record personal conversations, but also may transmit them to third parties: http://t.co/Oym4nYeUAD
RT @ConanOBrien: I'm shocked. Back when Brian Williams and I killed Osama Bin Laden, he seemed like an honest guy.
@dickc It's always refreshing to see a CEO take personal responsibility and action! 'It's nobody's fault but mine.' http://t.co/dI832XeYKx
I wonder what the true number of data breaches are. For every reported there are surely 1000s not even noticed http://t.co/zFjpvZMRMD
Steve is my homeboy. http://t.co/ThQnFLaSNt
Tech entrepreneurs don't sell technology. We sell simplicity. We just use technology to achieve it. #simplicity #entrepreneurship
RT @om: With Windows 10, all major desktop and operating systems are now free. What matters now: the app ecosystems and the behaviors they …
I made a scientific discovery in Austin last week: the definition of infinity is one government agency waiting on another.
RT @MLK_quote: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy to a friend.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. #MLK | #MLKDay
@swarmforce I wonder if that dude tagged everything #throughwingman
A look at the early Google Glass prototype codenamed "Wingman." And you guys thought I looked like a dork! http://t.co/IJZvyzHI8s
RT @techreview: Astrophysicists Prove That Cities On Earth Grow in the Same Way As Galaxies in Space http://t.co/eIzY1UeBxY
@mdavis Love, love, LOVE the "Now" idea. I saw @courtsimas wearing it today. I would be honored to be one of your first paying customers.
RT @tbccities: "You need to create because the future is waiting to be created." @erwinmcmanus #UN2015 #TBCcities

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Hi. I'm Jason. CEO and cofounder at Swarmforce. Builder of web apps that use swarm AI. Backpacker. Guitar player. Husband. Father.

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