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This tutorial describes a step-by-step method that will help you find your own signature style. Itīs also very useful when building collections.

The jewelry making world is full of fun techniques and beautiful materials. Itīs easy to get lost and never find your own style when options are unlimited. But with this method you will gather all your loose ends together and finally find your own path.

I teach this method to classes in Stockholm and itīs always a reward to see the processes this method starts.


NOTE: even though this is written for jewelry makers, this method is appliable on all creative fields.


Tutorial will be send as PDF-file to the email you have registered at ETSY!

Material List:

A sketch book
Piles of magazines
catalogues from various stores

Tool List:

Paper glue
Your head and heart
Pens to write and colour with

This design is my top seller. They are spread around the world in both silver and 14k goldfilled with pearls, garnet, topaz or peridot. They are very feminine and I love the ethnic touch.

(Tutorial will soon be posted)

Size: 5,5cm/2.3"
Material: 14k goldfilled wire, seed pearls, vermeil beads and earposts.

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IÂīm a 36 year old Swede on a journey through the world of jewelry making.