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RT @eventfulifebook: That moment when your gold medal winning team mate tells you that you've individual won bronze #FEIEuros2017 #eventing…
@laladurks01 sorry - haven't seen anything...
@SteveBoyer5000 @realDonaldTrump @huntingcapers Nope. Apparently the Neo Nazis are less abhorrent than ISIS. #justtoDonald
@Scaramucci @brianmoore666 @huntingcapers 'and' does not follow punctuation. Is this English?
@Tom___Kelly @billsienerth @Scaramucci @huntingcapers Clearly! I've had longer lunches 😂😂😂
@LindyWinship1 @TopSpec2 Stunning Lindy! ❤️❤️
@RadcotEquine @MrFuddles13 LOVING MrFuddles13 ❤️❤️❤️
@brianmoore666 @Nigel_Farage Is that cretin still speaking?
@Rubiks_Cube_74 @thatSassyArab @merrigo_round @equissimo @MyHorseBoxUK @RN_Eventing @hoystweet @aponyhour @EquineHour Haahaa! #lovethis
If you are at _equifest_ this week, pop along to our tradestand - we have a prize draw to win…
@equifest this afternoon - come along and see us!
@huntingcapers @billsienerth @Scaramucci #bless #awks
@billsienerth @Scaramucci @huntingcapers Mooch - you don't capitalise the start of every word. Did you not have time for the media training?
@billsienerth @Scaramucci @huntingcapers *You're*
@libtearsnews @huntingcapers
RT @Rubiks_Cube_74: @supremeproducts @trailblazersuk1 @aponyhour @HorseHour Thank you so much!!
@Rubiks_Cube_74 @grooms_list @trailblazersuk1 @aponyhour @HorseHour Hope so! 😃😃
Delightful weekend @trailblazersuk1 - it's what a Championships is all about

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Preparation products for show ring and arena for horses and ponies

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