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I don't think I'm equipped to handle #GameOfThrones anymore. 😱
Introverted Exhibitionist.
@darasmith Already going! Want to come with? For freeeee
💕 LIFE UPDATES // - Still love living in Portland. - Started an amazing job. - Made lots of new friends and connec……
#TBT to last time I polo'd. I'll be back stomping the divots this Saturday @polonoirpdx #polonoirpdx - who's comin……
Happy birthday bruv @homespunvintage. Miss you. Love you. Come see me in Portland. Xx
So excited for @polonoirpdx #polonoirpdx this weekend. Looking forward to seeing how #PDX does polo! Who's coming?
If only my reactions through tonight's GOT were filmed. Best episode in a LONG time. #GameOfThrones
BYE @POSTMATES @Postmates_Help
LIES. In the DM's they told me they can't do anything. @Postmates @Postmates_Help. Worst customer service ever.
Congratulations. You just pushed an angry (and very regular customer!) into the hands of your competitors! Well done @Postmates!
Slow clap for @Postmates who just lost my business by refusing to refund a delivery fee where half my order was missing.
@SDub7 @Postmates @Postmates_Help Ugh!
Perpetually annoyed @Postmates @Postmates_Help lack of customer service. Told them there was missing items from my order days ago. NOTHING.
Same bus driver three mornings in a row. Tomorrow I learn his name.
Still annoyed 30 minutes later #GameOfThrones
Kind of pissed off at #GameOfThrones. This is why we can't have nice things male TV writers.
ME: I saw a dateline about this place. Husband said his wife fell but he pushed her. @darasmith: Dateline makes me never want to get married
Oh hey summer.

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