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@gadietrich what's amazing abt this is you just solved my frustration re: why my edges keep disappearing!
I don't understand why cmd+H doesn't hide @Adobe Illustrator?
Who has attended a gala? What part of it did you like?
@Andrewhochradel you know my love language
@Andrewhochradel @FUTURALBUM :) it has been apparent. Really enjoyed watching you strive and grow past couple years
Got to know this guy few yrs ago and he is most-determined-to-improve designer I have seen online.
I'm not a fan of 'church marketing'... BUT im totally proud of @Andrewhochradel &crew for their deserved recognition on rebrand
I'm not familiar with this type of agency but doesn't make sense to have branding firm consult if they just want to sell services anyway
Has anyone ever worked with 3rd party (not brand designer) to evaluate existing brand and determine if it should be changed?
New band name: Goths at the Mall
This parenting-teenagers stuff is no freakin joke.
Does anyone have a "but her emails" magnet or pin or something?
Can anyone help me with some leads?
Looking for Muslim-American artists (sculpture, 3D, enviro) in Michigan. Referrals?
@LowesCares how am I supposed to plan for that?
@LowesCares been waiting 2 weeks for an installation and got call at 630pm the he'd be here 8am tmrrw
@LowesCares the operator was not helpful. I was just calling in sheer frustration.
Made my 1st ever complaint call tonight. So frustrated with @Lowes
what is that site that connects designers/etc to volunteer service to nonprofits?
@gadietrich exactly

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