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“for waiters to carry their trays well laden with assorted dim-sums and bowls of ramen”
“this disease that I speak of is known the world over as the curse of imperialism, the American Hamburger!”
“First, this proliferation must cease, it’s spreading all over just like a disease”
“but the beach was empty, no people there, no swimmers, no sunbathers, not a deckchair”
“A date was fixed and off they went, down south to another continent”
“A melee broke out with punching and fighting, shouting and cursing and kicking and biting”
“to flee as refugees, never to return, these people we call traitors, these people we call worms!”
"The poor must stand up for their rights, put blood-sucking foreigners to flight”
The Bearded One, eh, - maybe you mean The Maximum Leader!
"The Adventures of George" - original, humorous and satirical poetry at its best!
This story was received with much applause from the audience who laughed and roared.
With his soldierly, swaggering, uniformed figure, and short black hair and moustache a-quiver.
That flesh from animals black or white would taste the same with every bite!
His stature small and features square and many a-times he would declare
And giving orders left and right made all who worked there live in fright!
Her eyes of brown and auburn hair, lips of red and complexion fair.
And when #Sobama meets Didi Damin, they set up DAPE. DAPE? Right – DAPE!
Talking and haranguing being his flair!
Another with a bombastic air!

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