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Relax with #Entertaining Verse Poems and enjoy humorous, reflective, nostalgic, descriptive and romantic poems.…
Rhyming poems that entertain.
One problem nearly solved, one still in hand, it won't be so easy with the bin Maden gang.
The tone sometimes romantic.
But one thing was forbidden by #George's orders , the making of any American hamburgers!
The tone sometimes descriptive.
Yes, he was proud, proud as can be, of his cooking and his country.
The tone sometimes nostalgic.
"Yes," said the cook, "Mother Russia is big, allow me to salute her with a small swig.
The tone sometimes reflective.
"So" said #George, "the Bearded One, to our club has decided to come".
The topics are varied, sometimes humorous.
The topics are varied, the tone sometimes serious.
A date was fixed and off they went, down south to another continent.
#Poems that entertain without being unoriginal.
One day there came into the club, a stranger causing a great hubbub.

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