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NEW! After Hours Dress ✨ size small, 1980's does 50's, $44 at #1…
NEW! Office Party Dress 🎄 1960's, size small, $48 at #60sdress #…
NEW! After Hours Dress ❤️ #1980sdress #vintage #80sdoes50s black halter party dress S by StorylandVintage via @Etsy
NEW! Office Party Dress ❤️ #1960sdress #vintage #60s black velvet sheer #babydolldress by StorylandVintage via @Etsy
Newww! Sullivan Show Skirt 🎶 1950's, W 24", size xs, $112 at pss…
NEW! Big Bopper Dress ✨ size extra small, W 25", 1950's, $134 at…
NEW! Big Bopper Dress ❤️ #1950sdress #vintage #50sdress peach lace tiered #partydress by StorylandVintage via @Etsy
NEW! Sullivan Show Skirt ❤️ #1950sskirt #vintage #50s pleated white party skirt by StorylandVintage via @Etsy #etsy
Happy maxi dress Monday! These are all new at 💘
Meet handsome stranger at concert, whether he asks for my number or not nothing ever happens. Being single in this day and age sucks.
I bust my ass for everyoneeeee 👉🏻🎶
Get home from my part time have one hour to get ready and make my train. But first Julie, to package a order to a costume dept. 👍🏻
Scandalous 🙀😹
I'll keep dreaming of finding my Tom Petty shirt though...anything can happen if you believe! #tompetty #thriftingadventures
I believe in reliving your childhood daily.
A vintage ELVIS Presley t-shirt, seemingly never worn and in my size!!!! This. Happens. ALL. THE. TIME but it #nevergetsold #elvis #eleven
I tell myself YEAH RIGHT, FAT CHANCE! But I continue to look and just as I am about to finish looking through the rack I find....
At the thrift store and I get "the feeling" to look at mens t-shirts....I think okay maybe spirit wants me to find my Tom Petty shirt...
NEW! All My Wishes Dress ✨ 1980's does 50's, size small, waist 25" only at StorylandVintag…
NEW! At Midnight Dress 🍾 size small, 1980's, $68 at #littleblack…

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