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£10 off £50, today only and only applies to Products sold by Amazon, not 3rd party/marketplace…
@warrenkev @ShitChester Didn’t think they were supposed to be working over the line until Sunday when the line is closed?
Working from home today, who delivers anything vaguely healthy for lunch? #ChesterTweets
All the money I brought with me to buy lunch... #hungry
@timehop why is the official twitter app required to view details of timehopped tweets? Why not allow browser or other apps to open?
RT @BritBirdLovers: Today is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. So here's a couple of boobies to cheer you up.…
Going for a walk
@SlackHQ Reset app data worked, but I see this update probably would have also solved my problem?
Anyone want a broken dishwasher? It’s probably fixable, but I don’t have the time or patience.
Not the view I was expecting to see at work today...
@AdcoChester Wow, how far back on my timeline did you go to find that one :)
RT @AdcoChester: A @baxiboilers bargain! #Chester #EllesmerePort #Wrexham #Wirral #chestertweets #plumber #plumbing…
RT @AdcoChester: to the end! What a lovely review from Miss. Walker left for us on the Cheshire Business UK website <3... https…
@philiplocke how's your contracts going?
@philiplocke everything else works. Just wish they'd grow a pair and tell me instead of keeping up this pretence. Found out by accident
@philiplocke apart from the traffic, great. I've been kicked off slack for you know who..
@philiplocke who said anything about drinking?
My mini traffic jam, even this annoys me, I could never drive/commute to work
'Frickin Elephant #dadjoke #thedadnetwork
RT @IndustryChester: Lovely, lovely collaboration today, Javascript help by @stiplady repaid with Studio @greenandblacks chocolates } AD ht…

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