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RT @Shanographer: Are you happy or are you just really comfortable? #Empowertheyouth #lifecoach #success #b2b #sme…
RT @MrJosephValente: Nothing's Impossible #MondayMotivation
RT @Tweets2Motivate: I'm human. I have weaknesses, I make mistakes, and I experience sadness; but I learn from all these things and they ma…
@JudyMurray damm right we can!
RT @thedangrice: If you're blindly adding people to your Facebook network, page or group. you are doing it wrong
#realtalk Mistakes will create you, not break you. If you have a fear of making mistakes then you have a bigger fear of success
Just seen another post about followers in numbers (this guy says he has 72k on Instagram and now wants to...
Someone asked me recently why I charge for my Infamous Power Hours.... (shocking news! coaches charge money!?)...
What is stopping you either starting your business or turning your business from ticking over to the full potential ?
This is perfect timing for me and couldn't agree more! Thanks Duke!
Two ways to live your life. Tunnel vision: Aka if I do this I will get this result. Simple. End of. Done....
How do you plan on having a kickass week?
@Tonyharrisagain Tell your mum to buy (Y) Best vegan protein
@L2GetherFitness Few of my clients are Athletes and they use All vegan :) uses veg protein!
@BakingBikerChic Would love to chat to you more about it, as alot of my clients had the same issue :D
@BakingBikerChic Hey! So sorry for not getting back to you before. List of all vegan protein products!
Got the Monday Blues? You are in control of your days, Start taking action now to change the results!
The MLM stream of income is now going to take shape....Looking forward to seeing how it turns out this year with it!
Not a bad way to spend an afternoon! Now back to client calls πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
My biggest learning in the last 2 years of coaching is be patient, in a business sense. Just because someone...

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18 years old yachtie , not like everyone else. Love a challenge and live life to the full!
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Salut Designs
Website and Graphic Design, Logo design, Magazine design, simple design, complex design, Website hosting, Servers, UK Computer hardware store, Website and Graphic Design school, Music Label

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