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I’ll be speaking at EGA 2017…hope to see you there!
It’s all about the E8 crystal. An emerging Theory of Everything (everything within the simulation, that is)
‘There is no inside, no outside’ @DennisMcKenna4 shares his wisdom on consciousness, intelligence and reality
UK coal power collapses, industry body disbanded. Only 2% of the UK’s power has come from coal this year #auspol
On my way to Melbourne for a week of blockchain immersion
RT @PRISMNews: Modulation of brain plasticity could be a major contributor to the antidepressant effects of ayahuasca…
I’ll be in Melbourne 17-21 July
The convergence of biology and data technology
RT @PRISMNews: Can psychedelics give religious leaders a deeper understanding of divinity? This research may find the answer…
RT @DavidBrin: Within two years - all Volvo cars will be electric or hybrid
RT @wef: Forget driverless cars: sailorless ships are about make to waves
Heading home today after almost two months on the road in the US, UK, Iceland and Portugal. Big thanks to everyone involved!
@jhagel Perhaps Google should write a program equipped with hugs and kisses instead of lasers then?? It's not rocket science...really.
Slides from my Human Evolution talk in Portugal are online here
If you’re in Porto today, join us for a chat about our future
RT @dianefrancis1: #Elonmusk the world's biggest thinker. Again. Hawaii goes 100% solar with #Tesla's gigantic solar farm…
I'm speaking in Porto, Portugal tomorrow
Farewell Iceland, hello Portugal!
VISA is hiring an Ethereum engineer

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