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Hey Great People of #WLW14, have you found Linkedin advertising to be successful way to market your message?
@adamichael They definitely have some secrets! They wouldn't be as big as they are without some secrets. They are the Frank Underwood of SM.
@beauxlsu Hopefully it ramps up soon! #WLW14
@adamichael I haven't actually seen a lot of people do very advanced social media courses before. #WLW14
@CurieJJ Yup, hard on the ears. #headphones
RT @Firefly_Power: Content is key to your online profile! #WLW14
@SebMarkinTO He just literally waits outside for his owner to come out from getting a coffee, it's incredibly cute.
@broken_bells I could listen to you guys for the rest of my life. Love your music and you guys are awesome live too!
Waiting patiently. 🐶
Tried and loved @fitorganix. Morning deliveries of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack, all in one…
@daisyh007 Was awesome to meet you too! Keep in touch :)
Meeting with the talented photographer, @daisyh007! (@ Northwood)
@tylongman It's actually pretty desperate of Facebook to mess with their audience so much they are limiting it for payments.
@delucare It's a BIG change! It's going to piss off some people. haha
@microsoftcanada Go Satya Go!
@delucare Can't wait! I want my FB, G+ and now Twitter to look the exact same :P
If you want to reach your full Facebook audience, you are going to have to pay for ads. #SocialMedia #Tip
@geoffconant Thanks for following, Geoff! How's business going?
@markcorbett Link to the page that converts the most. If you have a great price and that's what you are trying to push, make that prominent.
@markcorbett In Canada they don't have postal codes, but if you know where your buyers might be from zip codes would be a good way to target

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