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Good morning! How are you doing today? :)
Up at 5 am tomorrow! #entrepreneurlife
RT @GlobeSmallBiz: The social media audit you can do today @10kcoffees
The Social Media Audit You Can Do Today #MillennialTalk #SocialMedia
@ChelseaKrost @gwenelliot Seriously, thanks for a great #MillennialTalk. Saying I had a good time chatting would be an understatement! :)
@gwenelliot @ChelseaKrost @samjoyk too kind *blush* Just wait until you see my impressions. In the meantime, I'll aim to tweet some smiles!
@DearDivorceTY Haha close one! #MillennialTalk
@ChelseaKrost @gwenelliot @SamJoyK A11: To let bygones be something I look up, because I don't know what bygones mean. #MillennialTalk
@ChelseaKrost @gwenelliot A10: Give someone your chargers for a weekend. #MillennialTalk
@ChelseaKrost @gwenelliot A9: Try to suggest new things! Change the routine and bring them out of their zone! #MillennialTalk
@gwenelliot @samjoyk @ChelseaKrost Ive derailed this #MillennialTalk ... (said w/ pretzel wounds). mm trail mix. It was ME all along! #twist
@samjoyk @gwenelliot @ChelseaKrost So clutch that move to first spot with the m&ms. So clutch. #WinnerWinnerMandMDinner
@samjoyk @gwenelliot @ChelseaKrost AKA the BEST part. The pretzel sticks turn into bamboo sticks & stab your face. :P
@samjoyk @gwenelliot @ChelseaKrost Oh yes, it seemed like she was sponsored by the company or something. She only ate the Shreddies though..
@ChelseaKrost @gwenelliot A8:Yes! Don't allow yourself to binge too much w/o taking action, then you'll know what to change! #MillennialTalk
@samjoyk @gwenelliot @ChelseaKrost Like if ever viewer of The Voice was turned into an item of trail mix & then put into a bag. THAT.
@ChelseaKrost @gwenelliot Q7: Help: Seeing what others are doing. Trigger: By comparing your numbers to theirs. #MillennialTalk
@gwenelliot @ChelseaKrost Didn't say how large the bag of trail mix was.. #PlotTwist! #BackToSquareOne Srsly it was big. #MillennialTalk
@ChelseaKrost @gwenelliot I went to a big BBQ in the summer and my friend brought her own bag of trail mix. Next level. #MillennialTalk

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