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So different from this morning! #junctionTo
@stephaniefusco @TheKit @VasantiCosmetic cool bow tie too!
When I see a comment on social, 'every time I try your coffee, I hate it' Then stop drinking the coffee! #simpleliving
@warriorstones Thanks for the RT!
@seanbeckingham its a beaut!
Good morning, #junctionTo.
@jamesontheradio Maybe the real robbery happened at the pumps! #highgasprices
RT @gavinmcgarry: The new cell phone loud talker. Old people with iPads who watch videos without headphones so everyone can hear. #goodtimes
Kelly Clarkson's new song sounds exactly like Jimmy Eat World's
RT @OpEdMarketing: IKEA to open E-Commerce locations in Canada #ikea #ecommerce #canada
For some those TTC Streetcar stairs are a mountain to climb. #TTC
@Gotham3 beautiful one too!
@KevinHart4real You hit it out of the park with The Wedding Ringer, you were hilarious! Such a great movie. #WeddingRinger
@xosarahmorgan posting as stuff comes in, I want to do more scheduling this year! #BadAssBlogChat
@xosarahmorgan A9) @TheRock is killing it on social. Great storytelling, visuals and motivation! Love his stuff. #BadAssBlogChat
@Hrehirchek Looks like it!
Earn your Friday. #hustle
@buffer thanks, Mary! The multi-day/channel schedule is awesome. Keep up the great work! #social
@CoScheduleBlog @LXRYMag You got it, Nathan! Let me know if you need anything from a motivated Toronto-based entrepreneur!

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