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Good morning! How are you doing today?
Good Read: Paired With AI and VR, Google Earth Will Change the Planet #VirtualReality #Tech
Pinterest Adds Cinematic Pins: #Pinterest #GenerateMoreTraffic
If you can, be an entrepreneur. Not only do you learn more about your craft, you learn more about yourself. #entrepreneurship
Watches to step your business game up a few notches. #Watches #MensStyle
@CherylGushue Definitely one of my favourite gallery spaces!
@NarcityToronto It's like when someone takes the last one from the cooler. #notcool
@RyanSerhant Congratulations, Ryan! Keep up the good work and strong numbers!
@DustinManley That's awesome. How was this one compared to your other ones? I was just BBQing and hanging out with some friends! :)
How to get more followers on #Instagram? Show love and you will get love back.
Back to weekend mode! 😎
@cattrestini @MoninaW Hopefully! Was looking at their ad platform and it looks good for the money spent..compared to Linkedin! #CMGRHangout
@cattrestini @MoninaW Very interesting, thank you, Catherine! #CMGRHangout
@cattrestini @MoninaW Drama with brands being on Reddit? #CMGRHangout
@cattrestini @MoninaW Catherine, have you seen brands get on the front pages of Reddit? Know anything about reddit advertising? #CMGRHangout
@FrankTheStep I love knowing things like sentiment, number of interactions, reach/impressions & a way of measuring engagement! #CMGRHangout
@themiceblog Hi Irina! :) #CMGRHangout
@sherrierohde Big fan of @Magento, btw! Was helping a friend out with his project. That's one powerful system you have there!
@cattrestini @myCMGR @kbapple @margotcodes @Elixor @metav3rse @sherrierohde Thanks! Very excited to talk some shop! #CMGRHangout
@cattrestini @myCMGR @kbapple @margotcodes @Elixor @metav3rse @sherrierohde Happy Friday, people! My first #CMGRHangout :)

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