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RT @FuseCondosTO: #FuseLifestyle Big data study finds most productive people work in sprints: 52 minutes, rest for 17
RT @FuseCondosTO: Best Toronto Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow #Toronto #Instagram
RT @FuseCondosTO: What's good about a rustic brick facade? Everything. @ Fuse2 Condos
You know, just reading an eBook, waiting for comedy to happen. #JFL42
@Nick_Offerman I'm in the audience! Can't wait to see your show! #JFL42
Neat social media contest idea by @MELivingCondos! #Selfie
Neat social media contest by @MELivingCondos! #Selfie #ME #socialmedia @ ME Living Condos
My entry for @MELivingCondos #Selfie Contest! Neat idea. 1. Take a selfie in front of the poster 2.…
Oh yeah! Apparently there is Free Food too! #yum #cantwait #meliving!
Just arrived at @MELivingCondos for the launch of their new Sky Suites! 12' high ceilings, that's like two of me! #meliving
Early morning bouldering before heading to Launch of the Sky Suites/Free Food Festival at @MELivingCondos, then #JFL42 tonight!
RT @MELivingCondos: Today @ Noon! We'll be launching our Sky Suites, having a Free Food Festival & launching a contest where you could win …
@tridel can you follow me? I have something I wanted to DM you to bring to your attention about one of your developments!
RT @ClubLink: Want the perfect golf swing? The @RoboGolfPro is now @GA_academy and we are offering a launch week special. #ClubLink #MoreGo…
Yours truly trying out the @RoboGolfPro at @GlenAbbeyGC! This machine solved my slice in 15 mins! #golf #swingcoach
@GlenAbbeyGC @RoboGolfPro Loved it! Whether it's for working the kinks out or for new golfers developing their swings, this thing is great!
Excited to be heading to @GlenAbbeyGC to try the new @RoboGolfPro! Hoping to fix my swing before a round this weekend :)
RT @2_Social: Behind the shoot at Polonia Optical ( #Work #OnTheJob
@KleinburgON Love Kleinburg, used to live around the area and spent a lot of time there, thanks for following :)
RT @NewCollectioner: Keep it #HushHush #Toronto:

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