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@ideakid88 yes, that's great too!
A4: This will have content creators producing less noisey, non-directional tweets and more tailored, directive key messages! :) #SMMeasure
A3: Impressions are always good and the interests are great too. Tailoring content to your audience is always important! #SMMeasure
A2: It makes a big difference when I'm tweeting, I can do some A/B testing btw tweets to see what people are really reacting to. #SMMeasure
A1: Great! It's not only great to see the region, gender and so on, but great to see the interests of your audience as well! #SMMeasure
@marniwasserman Thanks Marni, you too! Hope you have a terrific day!
@JuliaEskins Just checked out your Instagram! (awesome!) Looks like you like to explore, I think the Nutella Latte is a good reason to go!
@WBrettWilson come to Toronto! It would be great to have you back!
@marniwasserman 5+ minutes from the app Calm, coffee, push ups and planning out my day :)
RT @HarveyKallesRE: 5 famous #Toronto signs in danger of #disappearing.
New on Discovery. Prepare yourself for... Hungry. Hungry. Hippos. #moveoversharkweek
Next time you go into a #local business, say how you heard about them and what compelled you to go in. Businesses love & run on feedback.
Good morning, how are you today?
Support local business ☕️ Home of the Nutella Latte. Try out @CafeConLecheTO! @ Cafe Con Leche…
RT @2_Social: Another reason to love these guys #BringBackBreakingBad @LaurenMariaS @kb_barrie @stevedolson
Is anyone having a problem getting on regular websites? Aka not loading fully?
@jeremyblee @2_Social Thanks Jeremy, you are too kind! Happy to have you and really liking what you are doing!
RT @jeremyblee: Had a great time meeting @stevedolson & the @2_Social team. These guys are killing the social media marketing game!
@iSlutsky Have a good show!
@FrankDangelo23 Hey Frank, how are all the shows, movies and music you are putting out there? Big fan of yours!

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@2_Social President. Comedian. Entrepreneur, Social Media Scientist. Manager of @moisttheatre. Ideas Man. Consultant. Problem Solver. Automotive Engineering Jr.

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