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@itsanthudson Wrong? No... but it does say a lot about you. ;)
@luminaire23 @Varuim Sean is correct. A mention of the character does not make the entire backstory canon.
5 Times Palpatine Was Right. Never take advice from a Sith -- even though he's right from time to time.
RT @jjmfaraway: Getting ready for my library talk in Virginia, but always time for a Stormtrooper selfie.
#ThisDayInHistory 1978 - The title to the first Star Wars sequel, The Empire Strikes Back, is officially announced.
Carve out these adorable tauntaun cookies! No lightsaber required & they smell great!
@Lampakusz Sorry, this is an old tweet. The emojis were only for a limited time during San Diego Comic-Con.
RT @501stLegion: Expanding the clan a little on #TuskenTuesday... @KraytClanDetach
The Vintage Vault: Let's study the TIE Fighter. One of the most popular starfighters in the galaxy & an iconic toy.
#TriviaTuesday - Question: How many kilometers in diameter was the second Death Star? Find the answer at
RT @EAStarWars: Which are you excited to see more of in the upcoming Fighter Squadron reveal? The A-wing, X-wing, or TIE Interceptor? http:…
From Concept to Screen: Slave I. The inspiration & alterations that brought the fan-favorite ship to the big screen.
#ThisDayInHistory 1977: Darth Vader, C-3PO & R2-D2 immortalize their footprints in cement at Mann's Chinese Theatre.
The Cinema Behind #StarWars: Blade Runner. Learn how LA of the future & a galaxy far, far away influenced each other.
#McQuarrieMonday - It looks like tea-time, but you know they're up to no good.
#SpotlightOfTheWeek - Slave I: How the Fetts Fly Learn more at
"If I told you half the things I’ve heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you’d probably short-circuit."
This guy...
@PlayingLowEnd @StarWarsJunk @KennerToys There were horses in the Ewok movies that this toy is based on. They came out slightly after RotJ.
RT @ScottSzuch: Today, my 4 year old told a crowd that “you can never go wrong with @starwars.” #TheForce is strong with my young Padawan.

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