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@nerdstitute Vader is about 45 in Return of the Jedi. Can't say exactly because there are no exact dates used.
@_fangirl_1023 Although Cham fought along with them, Cham was not a Jedi.
@R5Lovermariah @Xbox If you click the link, you'll see Zeb is also available. He's just not in this picture.
The Inquisitor. Vader. Ahsoka. @dave_filoni discusses the show's first-season finale and more! #StarWarsRebels
Oh no! The Rancor! MT @momvsmarathon: Dramatic situation unfolding in my son's room while he's at school. #StarWars
RT @JATactor: Getting ready to host the Main Stage at @SW_Celebration! Some of my guests will include @HamillHimself @carrieffisher @ADani…
#ThrowbackThursday - Totally missed an opportunity to film a Jedi trampoline aerobics tape between scenes.
RT @dave_filoni: One member the #StarWarsRebels team thought the pipe in the ceiling of the design room looked like an Ithorian... http://t…
QUIZ: Which #StarWarsRebels character are you? A fearless Twi'lek pilot, evil Jedi hunter... or someone else?
RT @LEGOLAND_CA: Tonight we unveil our #LEGOLANDDeathStar Here's a sneak peek! #BehindtheScenes
RT @joeyesposito: Me after watching the @starwars Rebels season finale just now
RT @rhganci: The circle is now complete. Now to find the right frame! @starwars @Marvel @skottieyoung
RT @HerUniverse: #AHSOKALIVES! Honor Ahsoka's appearance on #StarWarsRebels w/ new @dave_filoni designed Tee - http:…
@Moegaminglps Chopper called Fulcrum for backup.
@spleenbuster Most impressive.
@MikeTarkin "Eat eat. Hot. Good food, hm?"
RT @MediocreJedi: Rebel leader captured! @Marvel @starwars Princess Leia #001 & "Death Star test fire results" variant in hand. http://t.c…
@landonjperry00 Welcome back!
@Jersey_Ja John Williams' involvement with #TheForceAwakens was announced in 2013! We have an interview about it:

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