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@SarahDemp He did. We checked.
@A_Targaryen @StarWarsMyWay @_HeraSyndulla_ That is just a Twi'lek child, Not Hera. A name was not established.
@STAKHAN0V We have proof that it happened, and we are dealing with it.
@STAKHAN0V Lobbying is asking your friends & others to vote with you. Setting up dummy voters is cheating. We don't count cheaters.
RT @IGN: On #SuperTeam64, @StarWars' Sith Lords face off against @Marvel's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants…
*Raises hand* MT @ComicsMosEisley: KANAN #1 is out tomorrow!! Who's excited?! #StarWars #comics #ncbd #starwarsrebels
@gallandro1 When we are done making sure that the counts are accurate.
@r3dfiv3 Attempts to "taint" the vote have been made, but we have had a team working hard to make sure that all results are accurate.
Today in #ThisIsMadness: two tough decisions between 4 favorite characters. Vote now at!
@swhammerhead Death Sticks: Not even once.
Happy birthday @mcgregor_ewan! The Force is strong with you (and your Attack of the Clones mullet).
New on - We Need that Scum: A Guide to Bossk Collecting.
Take a behind the scenes look at the painstaking work that went into creating the new #StarWars Epic Yarns books!
#TriviaTuesday - Question: How had Anakin Skywalker destroyed Watto's old Podracer? Find the answers here:
RT @EAStarWars: We're staying on target. Can't wait to reveal #StarWarsBattlefront during @SW_Celebration http://t.c…
Heeding the Call: The Gift of Armor. Learn what it takes to make a custom set of Mandalorian armor.
RT @Dodgers: .@StarWars night returns to Dodger Stadium April 14! Buy special ticket package, you must:…
RT @jp501st: Wedding ceremony of JG members. #501stPicOfTheDay
New match-ups are in range! You have 55 minutes left to vote for the current #ThisIsMadness pairings:
A fan looks back on his special experience at the #StarWars 10th Anniversary Convention, or "Celebration 0."

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