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Another #StarWars holiday classic! 9 Things You Never Knew About the Ewok Adventure:
@throwin_BENJMNS "I know."
What have we here? Our guide to #StarWars #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday deals.
@large555 Nope. That trailer going around is 100% fan-made.
@UP10_PA Principle filming is complete. Much more to do, there is.
RT @MaryLFL: Reminder: Your SW fan podcast application due for @SW_Celebration by this weekend!
@GBlinebury @Mattygizme That trailer is not the official trailer, it is fan-made. The real deal drops on Friday.
@instalyssa It's almost like we planned it. ;)
@ColleenEHA @iTunesTrailers No, it's free.
@UnseenStarWars Oh, you fancy!
@ironclad1609 Virtual highfivehug!
@swanee96 Only one?
@dhtotheym @iTunesTrailers That is a fan-made trailer. Not official.
@KeithTuller Ahhh we see what you did there! Patience, padawan.
@kylieboi84 @YouTube It's not. Ours is pretty epic too!
RT @DesertVol: Listening to some @starwars soundtrack on the way home and getting a little emotional thinking about Friday's #TheForceAwake…
@DANTHEBLADE24 @iTunesTrailers You don't need to download iTunes. The trailer will be available free at
The Force is with you on #BlackFriday when #TheForceAwakens teaser hits @iTunesTrailers.
@PeteyD87 @darrenhayes All showings at the selected theaters.
@bailsbails That's what we keep saying! ;)

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