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@RyanSeacrest that sucks...
Love seeing my boys play strong @AaronRodgers12 @AGreen_20 @BBulaga @ClayMatthews52 @Donald_Driver80 @JermichaelF88
@packers @ClayMatthews52 get some rest "beast "... see u in 2 weeks <3
@_zoeyann I know :(
@_zoeyann no time for that ... football starts in 40...
@_zoeyann Brandons!!!
@BetinaDriver I love it!!! I want a driver #80 Jersey so bad!!!
@GregJennings we miss u!!!
@KhloeKardashian amen to that! #family #love #makinmemories
@KFRGHeather I'm so sorry for ur loss heather. Thoughts and prayers to u and ur family.
@BillRancic @SharnaMahanidis many prayers sent ... does he have NF?
@KFRGHeather @KTLA that should be against the law!!! I'm sick to my stomach ... I pray for his new dog to bite his face!!!
@LizPillowDay @GiulianaRancic prayers to ur father ... definitely keep up the fight!!! #1%isworthfightingfor
@_zoeyann good job Bug!!! Ur doing so good!!!
@Theresacaputo I would love to have u do a reading for my 16 yr old niece here in cali or nj!!!
@kelliepickler I have a pink ribbon tattoo in memory of my aunt sandy!!! I love ur support!!! Ur a force to be wrecked with #fightonsummer!
@GregJennings morning!!! Hope ur feeling better... GO PAC GO!!!
@KhloeKardashian I'm going to a wedding but have gained some weight, what is the best look to hide my tummy? I want to look fab!!!
@askjillian I need ur help! Going to a wedding and want to look amazing but have gained some weight. What is the best look to hide a tummy?
@jsitton71 @macdawg44 people like u have no class... u obviously have no clue about football or the players involved ... get a life looser..

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