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#Blackhawks win the #StanleyCup at home! Time to add 2015 to the Hawks banner.
"Generative design is about the way in which you arrive at an outcome." Algorithms to design responsive typography:
RT @Gizmodo: 9 facts about computer security that experts wish you knew.
RT @CoreSecurity: Exploiting CVE-2015-0311: A Use-After-Free in Adobe Flash Player
RT @OrphanBlack: Ain't no party like a #CloneDanceParty. Watch the extended, unaired #CloneClub dance scene: #Orphan…
RT @PedroPascal1: Ouch.
RT @BreakingNews: Earthquake: magnitude 5.9, in Northern California, 7 miles from Greenville - @usgs
RT @phntm42: Photo:
RT @DalaiLama: We need to strengthen such inner values as contentment, patience and tolerance, as well as compassion for others.
RT @Jif: It's pronounced Jif® #Jif #GIF
RT @phntm42: More companies need to understand that buying a relevant company does not automatically make *you* relevant. #yahoo #tumblr
@ruritokn I wish we could get this in the US!
RT @ruritokn: イーブイ3DS。なんか美味そうw
@phntm42 That is AWESOME! Picture time when you get it!
RT @phntm42: No watching tv!!! Watch me instead!! #pets #birds #hyacinth #macaw
Sushi cats: !
@AllieBrosh Oh yes & this is me on a daily basis. Attempting to create "appropriate" facial expressions is tiring.
@AllieBrosh Are you somehow peeking into my brain, time and time again? & occur quite often.
RT @AllieBrosh: New Blog Post: Depression Part Two: I remember being endlessly entertained by the adventures of my toys. Some ... http://t.…
Aww! Live red-tailed hawk nest cam! Get your adorable baby bird fill for the day. ♥

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