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Transcripts of this chat will be created and provided to participants. Have a good night everyone:) #epodcast
Please join us next week. Same time. Same place. If you have a questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or @socialwebcafe:) #epodcast
If I missed your question, please forgive me. I will get back to you. #epodcast
There's always much to learn from podcasting. We will always be students and teachers:) #epodcast
Deborah (@socialwebcafe) and I will have a Hangout on Air to go into more detail about this topic soon. #epodcast
I really enjoy talking about this topic. I hope you learned something of value. #epodcast
WOW! It's already an hour. #epodcast
@socialwebcafe @motutech Yes, I have had nothing but good experiences using Audacity. #epodcast
You want your guests, listeners, and YOU to sound your best:) #epodcast
#7 - Using a phone to record podcast episodes is not recommended. Why? It's the lowest quality of production. #epodcast
#7 - Always make sure you use a USB mic and quality headphones, if you are using the tools below. #epodcast
#7 - You can even use Audacity to edit your podcast episodes, speed up the sound, add audio promos and plugs, etc. #epodcast
#7 - If you are producing your podcast solo, then Audacity is as simple as it gets. #epodcast
#7 - You can keep it simple by producing your podcast using Skype and Pamela Recorder to record you and your guest. #epodcast
#7 - My favorite tools for production are Hangouts on Air. You can strip the audio from the video. @socialwebcafe is a pro. #epodcast
#7 - Choose what works for you. And remember you don't have to use them all. That will cause burnout and stress you don't need. #epodcast
#7 - We have shared some awesome tools and resources to help you get rid of overload. #epodcast
RT @socialwebcafe: I use several tools. One is to produce the tweets based on algo and export for @hootsuite #epodcast
#6 - It's important to balance your life and work. Or else one will suffer neglect. Not cool for the ones you love. #epodcast
@DrADFinch I use Bufferapp, Social Oomph, and Do Share to market my podcast on auto pilot:) #epodcast

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Stacie is a success-driven entrepreneur. She works with professional leaders and and successful entrepreneurs in the home based business industry.

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