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Good night everyone! Keep in touch with me during the week:) #SocialCafe
Hehe. That's me, too. RT @TheBlogWorkshop A4. how to switch my brain off? LOL @socialwebcafe hahahaha #SocialCafe
RT @TheBlogWorkshop A4. I would say methods that are cost effective... but I know that's a neverending learning process. #SocialCafe
@MariSmith Hi Mari! You're welcome. It's always a joy to share your awesome tweets. Keep on inspiring and shining:)
RT @socialwebcafe Q4 What tips and tricks do you wish someone would share with you? #SocialCafe
"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness." #Aristotle #history via @tcjohnstonbooks
@ShavonnBrown @FleurdeB @MoppetMissy You are going to have legs and buns of steel in a couple of weeks. #socialcafe
@MoppetMissy @FleurdeB Yes. It's a time saver and idea maker. I usually pick the headlines that grab my attention right away. #SocialCafe
@FleurdeB @MoppetMissy So true! Talk about a workout:) #socialcafe
#entrepreneurs that create things to help people are never unsuccessful! #businessintelligence via @justynnr
RT @FleurdeB: RT @staciewalker RT @socialwebcafe Last week: Social Advertising Opener #SocialCafe
@TheBlogWorkshop @PocketSousChef @YourLifeAfter25 Oh! Don't get me started on that. LOL! #SocialCafe
A3. I go through my junk email account and read the headlines of senders #SocialCafe
A2. I think of a word that I want the image to convey and start search on Google images for ideas #SocialCafe
@MoppetMissy @ShavonnBrown @TheBlogWorkshop @socialwebcafe Yes! It's like I get a clean slate every time we move. A new start. #SocialCafe
@TheBlogWorkshop @PocketSousChef @YourLifeAfter25 Isn't it a bugger?! Lol! #SocialCafe
RT @MoppetMissy A2: to come up with pic ideasStart taking random shots for fun. See if anything turns out good enough to post #socialcafe
@socialwebcafe Stop it! You are beautiful, Deborah:) #SocialCafe
RT @socialwebcafe Thanks @commun_it helping us create #Twitter relationships please RT #SocialCafe
@PocketSousChef @TheBlogWorkshop True Lol! #SocialCafe

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Stacie is a success-driven entrepreneur. She works with professional leaders and and successful entrepreneurs in the home based business industry.

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