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👦+🐶+📖=❤ #myerstanton #tchotchkepup @ Arlington, Virginia
Me: Thanks for helping me dry the dishes. It made my work a lot easier. Boy: Oh, don't thank me, Mommy. Thank yourself, too. #myerisms
RT @Bro_Pair: "picking a fight with Anne Frank" is so obviously the next step yet also still somehow unbelievable
RT @PDChina: Chinese shop owner turned to surveillance camera footage to see how the glass door all of a sudden got smashed into pieces, an…
RT @WholesomeMeme:
RT @Karnythia: I was at that post. That child care center lets a lot of the parents work so they can make ends meet because we don't pay so…
RT @jdforward: Muslims Fundraise To Repair Vandalized St. Louis Jewish Cemetery
The Boy loved my eggplant parmesan, so naturally, I gloated about it to @luisviera.
RT @jk_rowling: This is such a beautiful thing.
RT @BraddJaffy: Angry constituent gives Mitch McConnell the what for
RT @EllenLWeintraub: I will not be silenced.
Camp this summer is "Summer Knights" theme. Absolutely must send Chickie to Week 2, "Love it or List It: Castle Edition." @luisviera
RT @TrumpDraws: panda
RT @yashar: Anne Frank Center Statement.
Trump Subtweet #285:
@VivekRamgopal sounds delicious! 😂
RT @carolynryan: Okay this is awesome. Watch when color arrives about 45 seconds in
RT @OnePerfectShot: #MondayMotivation
True, you "can't take it with you," but you might also live as long as my grandma (102 in Oct.) & her siblings (100 & 93)! #saveyourpennies💰
And what would *you* do with all of these fingerling potatoes? (About 2 pounds.)

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