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This is the weekend we were to get away for 1 whole night to go a party & stay at a Kimpton. Boo. Hoo. Oh well. Back to Bal'mer instead!
RT @bettifly:
@DCScofflaw you know what's missing here? A nice birthday foot massage for @SylvieNFawley. #yourewelcome
@HarleyLeBon @McDonalds_DMV you know how I feel about food. It's gotta be right.
.@McDonalds_DMV still mad about my experience yesterday. Not letting it go.
RT @mattdpearce: A deep analysis of Time's Trump cover that suggests it's subversive political art. One word: Kodachrome.…
So cold. Will never be warm again. #WinterIsHere
RT @JuddLegum: Trump to be part-time president, keep lucrative job with Celebrity Apprentice…
Relevant to @JustPopFashion while not in the least relevant to me. (My Theory LBD cost $12 at Value Village.)
Perfect timing! I am so outta here. Nice knowing, y'all, suckas!…
@McDonalds_DMV left my kid's sandwich out of the happy meal. Make this right. And FAST.
@WaffleW seeing miss N's face in my mailbox this week was a bright spot! 😘
The good thing about cleaning vomit off your kid on an I-95 off ramp is being able to scream "F********CK!!!!!!!" w/o anyone hearing you.
@AugensteinWTOP Mr. Elf, is that a banana in your- oh nevermind. Sorry. Couldn't pass up that low-hanging fruit.
@markdedrick it's turned into such a sad medium. Even Alton has lost much of his luster.
@markdedrick hmm. How about Guy Fieri?
@markdedrick that new Ina Garten book makes me irate. It should make anyone irate, no?
"Starving masses take up torches and pitchforks and storm your circular driveway"
Super cool tool/toy for #photography nerds: via @luisviera

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