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RT @DavidYankovich: Trump supporters, You can be as defensive & projecting as you wish, but this is how the world views us now, & it hasn'…
@luisviera we should really go out on dates more often.
"Would you like a basket of what are basically savory donuts before…
RT @RepDonBeyer: I just told hundreds of my constituents that I will not be attending the Inauguration Ceremony this coming Friday. Here is…
@JustPopFashion have you seen this shop? @lululemon for kids!
RT @rebecca_roache: Possible solution
RT @JeffreyGoldberg: One of the most important pieces ever published in @TheAtlantic: M.L.K. Jr.'s "Letter From Birmingham Jail" -- https:/…
RT @CrazyinRussia: When you lie on your job application but still get the job.
RT @itroadmaptexas: @staceyviera So interesting this MOOC is gaining steam. We wrote a post about 4% completion rate 2 years ago. https://t…
Didn't know I could aspire to be a "Harvard-trained photog," but OK! (Amazing what a school can afford to do w/limi…
We have 3 kid-free hours today. Activities I came up w/so far: go to Apple Store, run w/scissors. What else can we do w/o kids? @luisviera
Smokerless smoked pork butt was 👌. @luisviera done good. #joule
Wiiiiiiiii! #dagnybelle
RT @cschweitz: Pope Francis tells mothers to 'breastfeed without fear' in Sistine Chapel
RT @Sulliview: So, I wrote this somewhat less-than-cheery look at what's ahead for the press
RT @lesleyabravanel: Thank you @realDonaldTrump for already creating jobs! My friend is being paid to be a seat filler at your Inauguration…
RT @alanferrier: Sunday Herald TV section (HT @moo67)
Not all divas wear capes. But this one does. #dagnybelle
RT @CrazyinRussia: In Russia champagne bottles smash you.
@WaffleW target were always our favorites for disposables.

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