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Our latest Sweetshop blend is here; 65% Wegida, 35% La Democracia https://t.co/k4eCJdOTJ0 https://t.co/HCu2MPgG2N
RT @espressopost: Oscar got his Oscar bag... Thanks @squaremile ! https://t.co/23Cgqy8Hak
Welcome to our newest customer Mokapot - check them out if you're in the Angel area. https://t.co/35z62m4Tys
@domhyams just going to pose this to the building manager. Will DM you with his response
Public tasting in full flow here at our roastery. Don't worry if you couldn't make this one, we'll be doing more in… https://t.co/GZdgHADQZj
Our Barth always works hard on a Wednesday as it's when we roast a lot of our wholesale Red Brick orders. Hats off… https://t.co/j0LxwZr4rD
Keen to break a crust with us and taste some coffee? Swing by 3-4pm tomorrow, 8 Pritchards Road, E2 9AP https://t.co/P2A3TSPEip
@FilmDoo @ARKcoworking Praise in the form of a GIF is high praise indeed.
@praxisarc OK, just checking. Happy belated birthday by the way!
@c1espresso That's an Uber Boiler from @MarcoBevSystems - https://t.co/SOusFMLrMv - sorry for the delay in getting back!
@praxisarc Was there an issue with delivery or just a bit of delayed gifting?
This bucket of Don Oscar was our last roast of the day. It's now bagged up and on it's way out to you folks! https://t.co/XYSrpP3zJy
RT @BARISTAMAGAZINE: Square Mile's Anette Moldvaer designs coffee cocktails as part of London Cocktail Week. St… https://t.co/Kmxfbr32nY ht…
@buro9 here at our roastery in London... We probably could have been clearer on that bit!
We're running a public tasting on Wednesday the 26th from 3-4pm. Pop along if you're in the area. https://t.co/chbkWU0EsQ
@rosie_and_joe No problem. Happy to try and make your week just a little bit less crap!
Presenting the Santa Rosa 1900 espresso, reminding us of an Old Fashioned cocktail, roasting from Monday.… https://t.co/qdrKxbmxsS
Our Head of Coffee Anette is on a buying trip in Brazil at the moment and has a few samples to get through... https://t.co/CFyWyQfCo9
Shout out to our friends at @SteamYard for being named runner up in the @ObsMagazine Food Monthly Awards cheap eats… https://t.co/KYLq7Zr8vs
We've had some amazing coffee from the Santa Rosa farm this year and tomorrow the yellow honey processed espresso w… https://t.co/VPFxNYLnip

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