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We are sad to announce our last day of deliveries will be Sept. 25. Thank you for your support. For more information: http://t.co/n4B4ln9bnp
#GIFT: September Desktop Calendar: http://t.co/JCgTtElZmv #Organize #LoveSPUD
10 High Energy Foods for Rainy Days http://t.co/KyEp9aetMp #EatLocal #EatOrganic #LoveSPUD #EnergyFood #Superfood
We're digging @treehugger's latest on the high cost of cheap food. Here are the 7 foods they say to splurge on. http://t.co/9eoJLCbLYe
You're eating it wrong! This video is amazing; waste less fruit with these cutting tricks http://t.co/ndsg94Sfh0 #foodhacks #protip
Cold be damned! A killer green smoothie w/ @SPUDVancouver kale, cucumber, ginger, lemon, blueberries + Vitamin C. YUM! (via @LifeDelish)
Did you know #coconutwater could be used in blood transfusions?! #funfact
Mmmm we love this #recipe for #MeatlessMonday - http://t.co/3fuGvd1t2Y
What's in your dinner? Here's how we choose the food that we sell. http://t.co/931l4syGKR
How to grow fresh air http://t.co/n2oB4Aewvz
Hands down this has to be the simplest, but best idea! Add a playful pop of colour to your glassware with balloons. http://t.co/6brpWeOWAZ
Photographer Gabriele Galimberti asked grandmothers to prepare their signature dishes. Makes us happy and hungry. http://t.co/RPtIWoFiK1
Didn't you know?? http://t.co/oQpDCqe4zW
Have little ones who are excited about Easter? Try these - a great alternative to candy with artificial ingredients! http://t.co/uLPiF5lenU
Thank you for donating to our Prom Dress Drive. Together we collected 393 dresses & over 70 pairs of heels! http://t.co/ulRqk0S88a
Selfies are so last season. Sleevefaces are the way to go in 2014. Get inspired here! http://t.co/ANnqa8aOIB
Latest scientific study concludes that artificial foods are highly beneficial... just kidding! Happy April 1st! http://t.co/YKloWwcypG
Time for a little inspiration! How do you nurture creativity in your workspace? http://t.co/Rq0gvvfjiJ
http://t.co/VByN2BPlB9 It's an antioxidant powerhouse and a great way to detoxify your body - no haters here!
Sure, it gets easier with springtime weather, but we'll still take all the help we can get! http://t.co/LzKONG9wZN

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