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The 24th annual Native American Awareness Week at Lewis-Clark State College will be held March 7-11 mini powwow Mar 8
Rest in Peace: A Pioneering Spirit - Rev. Peter J. Gomes, Harvard Minister, Dies at 68
As Above, So Below... So Below, As Above - 6.0-magnitude quake strikes Chile - #cnn
Victoria Harbor & Hong Kong's beaches - Coral Returns -
'Wizard of New Zealand' leaving Christchurch after quake - #cnn He looks like what I pictured as Merlin...
Sitting Bull & the Resurrection of the Ghost Dance Movement - Dance For All The Tribal Nations!!
Northern Ireland faces mounting water crisis as 36,000 people were left without water, some for more than a week
Hear Our Prayer by Yuki Kajiura: One of the most stunningly beautiful artists I have heard in years: Brings me Pure Joy
@WerewitchHallow People "say" lots of meaningless & hurtful words. It simply means you are taking up rent-free space in THEIR heads :)
Please focus every ounce of positive energy you have on the Gulf Oil Spill. Those who are working are beleaguered. We need this miracle.
One of the most important factors in Life is to Never Break your Oath(s). Two Oaths critical to survival in the 21st are Belief & Love.
The Temple Cats are enjoying a Solstice treat of Albacore & Budha has managed to drag a chunk onto the prayer rug - LOL!
Once a Temple... Always a Temple. Brightest Solstice Blessings to those who are deserving, pure in Spirit and who call to the Heavens.
Solar Storms worst case scenario NOAA & FEMA with lots of supporting technical data
WOW!! @unautomenos Uy! y qué tal ésta de Buffalo Spriengfield! #musicaparaviajar
Muse: "There is beauty in so-called defects, misfits & those who do not grace mag. covers. Long as intentions are unintentional or pure."
Muse: "Just watched a butterfly 1/2 of its left lower wing missing fluttering chaotically, but still managed to land on the Passion Vine."
"The love of beauty is a longing for the homeland of the soul. This is pure myth, but it is a myth with a relevance...." Plato, - B. Jowett
The Human Spirit needs warmth & comfort... a hug can heal like no medicine that man can produce.
Muse's thought for the day..."Since it is obvious there is little Trust left on this Earth... may we begin REBUILDING TRUST? It is a start."

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