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New blog post: Transition to AIM Lifestream
New blog post: Times, They Are A Changing...
New blog post: Time for an update...
New blog post: What the heck are we up to?
New blog post: Ok, so's true! We got acquired...
New blog post:, color coating and contact management oh my!
New blog post: Some down time...
New blog post: The Socialthing! Blog Introduces...
@FENpromos You can find your socialthing! profile at http://<username> Just replace <username> with your st! ...
@Billyhime we're definitely interested in building a native iPhone app, but don't have a ETA unfortunately
@fruitlady if you click "Reply" with any tweet, it'll automatically populate their Twitter name in the reply box
@mile you should check out and see why we don't do auto-load
New blog post: New (old) feature! Twitter @replies and Directs
people having trouble adding new services in an SSB (Fluid, Prism): Make sure to enable "browsing to other URLs" in preferences.
@retrophisch we post your Plurks to your profile...soon allowing you to push to your friends...but posting may be a bit away
@jerricklim we hope you like the support...definitely want to do more with it, but we need an API to do that
@tomythomson follow us and we'll shoot you a DM
@EfrenR haven't heard of any issues thus far, what browser are you in? maybe give it a few seconds?
@robflemming we had a TON of people requesting Plurk and it's not even on the vote page...fairly easy integration...expect others soon
@aaronbailey are you using a single-site browser like Fluid? we've known that to be a problem with SSB's ...just load in a normal browser

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