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RT @matthewjdowd: Not a single member of Trump's Evangelical Council has resigned. We have learned corporate America has a greater moral co…
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@ABCWorldNews Wth? Ass. You really are nuts!
RT @MSNBC: Poll: 40 percent now support Trump Impeachment:
RT @Starbucks: "I know we're better than this. The bigotry, hatred, and senseless violence against people who are not white cannot stand.”…
RT @katyperry: WANNA DO YOGA RIGHT NOW AT 4PM EASTERN? Imma go live on my YouTube channel and we can do together, yeah? ❤️…
RT @ChurchofSatan: For clarification, this is not a Satanic ritual.
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RT @abeautifulmess: Make Your Own Disco Ball Hanging Planter
RT @sobeaditjewelry: #NuggsForCarter How can you not retweet?
#NuggsForCarter How can you not retweet?
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RT @JadeTrains: #nuggsforcarter. Better you eat them than me! Rock on.....
RT @KernKathy: Saw this on GMA. #NuggsForCarter Good luck!
RT @Hanneman235: In a world full of negativity, at least we have #NuggsForCarter to remind us of the power of a collective goal. Good luck…
RT @cnni: In the final week of his presidency, here's a look at Pres. Obama's best speeches over 8 years #TheObamaY…

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Hi, My name is Jennifer. I am married and we have 5 dogs. I am a beader and I love designing jewelry so I have a little shop on etsy!