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Harlem Shake FaceySpacey Style:
Peer-to-peer carsharing with @Getaround is awesome! Visit and join the movement. #WinTeslaSF
Raising the Roof via @GoodLifeReport
TechCrunch Interview: Marissa Mayer Reveals The Two Pillars Of Google’s Local Strategy via @techcrunch
@smick514 New York’s Finest, nice Diamond in the Rough Piece !! via @GoodLifeReport
@mick514 New York’s Finest, nice Diamond in the Rough Piece !! via @GoodLifeReport
@goodlifereport love the fresh content
Discounted food for life: #launch via @foodcircles
Xtify Retain Helps You Keep Your App Users Active via @techcrunch @xtify
@halcyonmobile feeling the new site
Gear Up via @GoodLifeReport @pierre_reboul good stuff!
@GoodLifeReport your new site is so refreshing ;)
@brandonaaron cool, thanks i just recently read your whole blog, all your stuff about events, etc. thanks for that!
@brandonaaron is it possible to start/stop your lofJSliderNews slideshow plugin via one of the methods? I tried a few and they didnt work.
My Web Application - View DynamicArticle via @snacksquare
RT @sharkjanitor: Grooveshark is down for about 2 hours while we make some backend updates. More info soon!
RT @halcyonmobile: Very cool Android-based concept phone by Mozilla Labs
Social Commerce And The New Rules For Local Businesses via @techcrunch

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