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So well said. This is why we must protect all of what we have.
RT @LassenNPS: Park rangers are often lucky enough to enjoy an office with a view. Sometimes it happens to be snow!
@whoismitchjones I have been traveling doing projects all over the place. Working on a very long term project I hope to announce by Summer.
@whoismitchjones I can not reveal exact location (to protect them) but I can saw in Broward County in Florida. More on West Coast shortly.
Christmas Eve mornings walk
Success! Dens we built for endangered Burrowing Owl already have residents before my blisters are healed.
So 2 young kids set the fire in the Smokies that wrecked so many lives including their own. At least they were caught.
Blurry shot. They are tiny
One of the critters we are protecting...
Burrowing owl Den before burial
Building and installing burrowing owl habitats today. At least I will be outside and maybe forget about the fires for a few hours.
Complete and utter shock as to the damage from the fires. Anyone connected to the Smokies will never forget this day
Remember when voting that the environment+wildlife can not speak for themselves. What best for the world is for everyone
Attending GIS conference with my environmental specialist. Working on better data collection and better presentatio…
@Kecgregory xtremely busy traveling (of course) hiking and kayaking past few months. May have a huge surprise 2 years in the making May 5th!
RT @GSMNP: Perfect Wildflower Photography Hike Day in #GSMNP . Post your pictures and tag them #GSMNP #Wildflowers
RT @BocaRatonFL: Keep Fracking out of Boca Raton and all of FL Call Senator Richter to withdraw his bill SB 318 at (850)487-5023 and RT
@Kecgregory I was in the northern part of the Everglades in South Florida this morning for a 10 mile hike.
Today's hiking hazard by the trail

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