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It's finally been said. 😂🙃#differentkindofanimal @weatherchannel #wutv
#SelfCareSunday "Just" a Photo -
#SelfCareSunday "Just" a Photo -
#SelfCareSunday "just" a photo, and yet so much more. #selfcare
ICYMI #SelfCareSunday Can self-care get anymore adorable? #selfcare
#ICYMI #SelfCareSunday Tips for Men of All Ages #selfcare
#ICYMI #SelfCareSunday A Simple Revolutionary Act #smellgooders
#ICYMI #SelfCareSunday 6 Habits for Caregivers_Prevent Burnout #caregivers
@imprettywaisted Is the code valid on all items?
P.S. Be mindful of vicariously living these struggle stories. Don't make someone else's reality yours.
1/3 Everyone has a burden. Not everyone needs to struggle to be successful. 🌻💓🌕🦁
2/3 a story or physical example of knowledge wisdom & understanding of how not to "hit rock bottom".
3/3 Most individuals are inspired by a hero/ine story. More than....
.@CharlotteMLL It was our 1st time seeing a lacrosse game IRL. We had a lot of fun! Congrats on the win!
RT @360loveapparel: Beautiful earrings from our business-to-business partner Accessory Lady Boutique. 💛❤️ Now…

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