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@SinfuL_JB @DexertoMike 👀
Thankful for all the nerds who have helped me get this far and to the @Str8Rippin family for believing in the visio…
RT @Str8Rippin: Whether you want to frag like a pro, pwn stupid noobs, or give 'em the backsmack - Str8 @Halo 5 Weapon Skins are now availa…
Go get em!
@NielGuilarte Follow for DM.
@NielGuilarte DM?
@NielGuilarte Hey, can you answer a super quick question on Focusrite Control? Can't find the answer anywhere. DM?
Anyone familiar with Focusrite Control? I have a super noob question.
@Gina_Thorne14 What makes you think I don't?
Is today the day I finally buy COD WWII? I need to start the grind.
@SpaceLy Standby
I just received news that my father passed away last night after a gun related incident. I can’t really describe ho…
@ESLTimo @Rawn_V @Elamite @TheSimms @willgask @DanGaskin @TBDgwop @Ruukil @ESL_DuCky @GoblinKrunch @SCMothershipTV…
@Ruukil Never change.
RT @Martyrshot: With @StarCraft going free to play, if anyone wants tips/a practice partner, hit me up! Especially those in the @Str8Rippin…
@ChadLarsson As soon as I’m not terrible, I’ll hit you up!
@spammantha Really? What for?
@spammantha Come to Vegas.
@LRNDesigns @6ixBelow I will never miss another opportunity to give Sam the roasty toasty.

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Software engineer turned registered nurse. Will debug computer or people systems for food.

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