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The Slydial app is available for iPhone or Android!
New update on the app! Available for download on iPhone and Android.
Happy Saint Patricks day from everyone at Slydial!☘️
#Attn #slydialers
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Hey slydialers! Have a company or project you want to use slydial for? Use @slybroadcast to reach peoples voicemails on a large scale!
Happy Holidays from the #slydial team! #merrychristmas #HappyHolidays
Happy Thanksgiving! Leave your friends and family a voicemail with #slydial! #Happythanksgiving
Hey slydialers! The newest slydial app for iPhone will be available soon. Have any suggestions? Tweet us or email
RT @InternetAction: If you hate talking to people, download the @Yassir_Lester approved @slydial app ASAP --> #IAFftw
Slydial update Coming Soon! Here's an exclusive preview.
@fcpapi_ We are not compatible in the UK. However, we are engineering @slybroadcast to work overseas! E-mail us
@LICondosHomes I apologize for the delay, please contact us at
Are slydial ads taking up too much of your connection time? Upgrade to premium on for AD-FREE listening! #slydial
@johnhurlbut To turn off advertisements sign up for a premium service on for more info.
@brigibookatt I apologize for this. Please email us at to further investigate your issue.
Hey slydialers! How has slydial helped YOU this week? We will RT our favorites #happyslydialing #slydial #skiptovoicemail
@donovan_shane I apologize for the confusion, slydial server was down in the SE of US. Please email for more info.
@pompay We offer another service called @slybroadcast which allows you to slydial multiple people at once!

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267-SLYDIAL , free, skip the convo by going straight to voicemail, time saver, some say life saver, priceless... Premium service Promo Code: 267slydial

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