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@WaynesMillion RIght here:
Checking out some of Slife's stats. Google tops the list of sites visited most often. Facebook is in 2nd place, not far behind.
@alt_creative You can cancel the acct yourself. We don't delete user's accts. Apologies for taking a while to get back.
@ohadpr We plan to add Chrome support very soon.
@diomat Would love to do that, but it's not part of the plan for the foreseeable future.
It's been a bit quiet, but it's a new decade and we have lots of plans for Slife in 2010. We will be talking more soon!
WSJ bringing up Slife today -
Just finishing up support for Textmate in Slife (document name). Will be releasing it soon.
The Ignore List -
@johnsbeharry Which version of the Slife client are you running?
Slife client updated to v3.0.3 (Mac) and v3.0 Rev 1 (Win) - More details here:
Good friday everyone. Slife is being featured at Macworld Sweden this week. Slife - Håller koll på tiden.
Keyword associations for activities are here!
Customer support morning. Coming up - blog post with worklist
@cjkarr That's right - it's something we are working on still, recognizing Java apps reliably.
@cjkarr Was it working ok before?
And the server transition is now totally and completely done -
We are just about done with the server transition. Please let us know if you run into any trouble logging in and seeing your data.
Over the next few days, if you encounter issues with Slife Web, it's because of the server transplant.
This round of updates is done. Will be moving to new server infrastructure soon.

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