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RT @Gizmodo: The EU suppressed a 300-page study that found piracy doesn’t harm sales
RT @Safarafov: Одличен е предлогот Киро Глигоров да биде името на аеродромот,синоним за промена на имиња.
RT @vuejs: New blog post: Upcoming TypeScript Changes in Vue 2.5
RT @mike_kaufmann: Development of a developer... #CleanCode
RT @markrussinovich: Azure Storage account blob limits just got raised by up to 10x:
RT @ThePracticalDev: Can flutter be an alternative to react-native ? { author: @k4ml }
RT @jsnover: Microsoft & Canonical optimized the kernel to run on Azure Did I mention that MSFT was a cross platfo…
RT @getpeachapp: Peach 2.0 is now up, featuring Full Screen Applications - read more about it here:
RT @kevinbowling1:
RT @DasBule: Jony Ive X. #iPhoneX
RT @GossiTheDog: Holy crap. CCleaner trojan 1st stage payload is on 700k PCs, with these orgs targeted for 2nd stage (successfully) https:/…
RT @tomwarren: The CCleaner malware targeted Google, Microsoft, and Samsung employees
RT @digitalfoundry: We build a PC as close to Switch spec as we can make it. Can it run Doom as well as the actual Switch version? https://…
RT @MrMuselk: Whoever designed this floor is evil. THATS A FLAT CARPET.
RT @digitalfoundry: Great news that YouTube HDR videos now run on phones including Galaxy S8, Note 8, Pixel, LGV30 & Xperia XZ Premium. htt…
RT @Polygon: Microsoft has approved a production model of a new version of The Duke controller.
How To Find One Of Japan's Best Driving Roads Just Two Hours Outside Tokyo via @jalopnik
RT @NeowinFeed: Tesla may be working with AMD on AI chip for cars
RT @shanselman: What would a cross-platform .NET UI Framework look like? Exploring Avalonia
RT @ThePracticalDev: vertical-align in CSS

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