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RT @stevesi: 1/ Promise and deliver, don't churn ppl (or the team) 2/ Releasing must do more than entertain techies or press but solve biz…
RT @philogb: Today we're announcing major releases of our frameworks along with the birth of a framework visualization suite!…
RT @grales: The new V8 with its Turbofan JIT compiler will bring some *really* nice optimizations for @nodejs #javascript…
RT @stevesi: Wow, profit from mobile is ~1/3rd what it was at “peak”; semi-conductors 2X from then.
RT @thurrott: Microsoft Opens Up Windows 10 S to Developers, Education Customers -
RT @wikileaks: RELEASE: CIA project 'Imperial'. Trojans targetting Macs, Debian, RHEL, Solaris, FreeBSD, Centos #Vault7…
RT @migueldeicaza: Lots of nice Xamarin bindings for Android and iOS libraries from a third party, cool!
RT @windowscentral: Should Microsoft only release one major Windows 10 software update a year instead of two? @zacbowden has thoughts: htt…
RT @MSEdgeDev: Node-ChakraCore Update: N-API, Node.js on iOS and more
RT @lafp:
RT @ActiveNick: Node-ChakraCore Update: N-API, Node.js on iOS and more #webdev #msedge
RT @toddbishop: Jeff Bezos passes Bill Gates to become richest person in the world for the first time
RT @reactjs: One error shouldn’t break the whole app. Learn how React 16 lets your apps stay resilient to JavaScript crashes.…
RT @slightlylate: Submitted without comment:
RT @migueldeicaza: Microsoft Research's manual memory management for .NET:
RT @verge: Twitter stalls, fails to add new users this quarter
Microsoft further pledges Linux loyalty by joining Cloud Native Computing Foundation via @BetaNews
Using a blockchain doesn’t exempt you from securities regulations
RT @FathmanJim: Microsoft TypeScript session at #NodeSummit was standing room only. Looks like #TypeScript on #Nodejs has legs. Imagine TS…
RT @thomasfuchs: The JavaScript community has finally reinvented Enterprise Java

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