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WHAT??! RT @MalcolmMoore: RT @relevantorgans: Wikileaks rumors President Hu had an affair with a CCTV anchor.
@niubi RE SEC and Carson Block of Muddy Waters: SEC officials say the story is bogus.
RT @niubi: Renren Posts $2.6 Million Q1 Loss With Heavy Investment in Group-buying | iChinaStock http://t.sinocism.com/mTY5ft $renn
RT @lonniehodge: 9,000,000 taking the college entrance exams. China wide, taxis will transport students needing a ride for free. #coolbeans
Beijing gov't lays out a plan of restricted walking, biking and driving areas around Tiananmen for Big Parade. Map: http://bit.ly/kK3rU
Bangkok: Over 6000 Thaksin supporters protest anniversary of coup that ousted the former PM http://bit.ly/Tfd0X
Deposed former Thai PM Thaksin announces Thais happier when he was in charge, during a phone-in address to supporters http://bit.ly/URaEx
China: G Rachman reports 40m job losses since start of recession, quotes CASS http://bit.ly/ZOQdB
Japan: new PM vowes to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020 from 1990 levels http://bit.ly/iMUL8 but w/ a caveat http://bit.ly/18Ovba
In the name of maintaining a Harmonious Society, Beijing revises it's centuries-old petition system http://bit.ly/liX8a
Chinese officials to approve single-dose swine flu vaccine http://bit.ly/55AmS
Challenges ahead for Japan's new leading party, DPJ http://bit.ly/UW9nq
Democratic Party of Japan wins nat'l election and seizes 'the poisoned chalice' of unemployment and economic crisis http://bit.ly/3Be4h0
Sino-Australian relations still tense: Chinese cancel senior minister visit over visa issued to Uighur activist http://bit.ly/qghbM
Japan: opposition Democratic Party ahead in polls as campaigning kicks off for August 30 elections http://bit.ly/7I8nu
Japan is out of recession; a modest rebound says The Economist http://bit.ly/al7m9
A Beijing park becomes the city's dating scene for the elderly http://bit.ly/3ds1cH
US Senator Webb visits Myanmar, secures the release of American prisoner John Yettaw and meets with Suu Kyi http://bit.ly/HjfOn
Thailand asks ASEAN members to back a request to Myanmar's junta leader to pardon pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi http://bit.ly/E4X0H
HK emerges from recession, with 2Q figures showing 3.3% growth. Gov't raises GDP forecast and cuts inflation forecast http://bit.ly/UBfkx

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