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I got to chat with @littlenono about Icelandic folklore, puppets, and her workflow. Listen here: https://t.co/OZ00tDEgLS
It turns out Operation Ivy is a helpful antitodote to the current news cycle.
We’re all just renting. Everything. #winetweets
@pbyrne https://t.co/7py44c2xYl
@pbyrne I can no longer fire you, so I think you’re free to be you :)
Hmm, perhaps they’re stalling just in case. https://t.co/dhXQAhVNJW
@rogie Please start a Skillshare would subscribe
@elizabethbarr Brilliant!
Apparently I should’ve trained at least a year in advance for a few days at Disney World.
So @kellianderson is a genius and I got to chat with her and learned a ton and you can too: https://t.co/rJmwCIfeis
The @solostove Bonfire is a compact, portable fire pit that gives off a lot of heat with no… https://t.co/TWGNE3GC1J
RT @e4h: This lesson from @simplebits is still true today as it was in 2007. https://t.co/t5SKpWTmvq
@danbenjamin Nailed it.
Pretty sure I’d be in the top ten ventriloquists in the world if it weren’t for the letters B, M, P, or V. And maybe W. #soclose
@jw @mikeindustries I’d say the bows count as laces, decorative or not. Beautiful accent though.
@Allbirds Any chance the Lounger will come in black or dark gray? —Sincerely, a potential new fan
@KristyT @dburka @mikeindustries I’m baffled by the lack of black/grey. Although maybe they’re sold out. After reading up, I’m totally sold.
@mikeindustries They finally have my attention.
@mikaelcho Great memory! Thanks, and congrats to you and the future at @unsplash :)
Some really great @dribbble news today: @crewlabs and @devin_ross join the team, @zack415 now CEO, team grows to 21! https://t.co/9uV6BwQ6Zy

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