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@jmothecat @ProfScottThinks Are you also in favour of abolishing @ScotParl because it costs money too?
@jmothecat @ProfScottThinks Please get off the internet "it's not traditional here"
@ProfScottThinks What's the cost of ignorance?
What? @joannaccherry
Naidheachdan a' BhBC - Buinn Òir gan toirt seachad #gaidhlig
Anyone know the difference legally between permanent residency and settled status? @The3Million @joannaccherry
RT @The3Million: What settled status really means. A tale looking into the future for 3m EU nationals in the UK. #peopleB4politics https://…
I liked a @YouTube video When duties call
RT @GAPonsonby: The FM will be officially opening the World's First floating wind farm tomorrow. Any other small nation would give it wall-…
I liked a @YouTube video NRA - Sunday with Lubach
Tory MP skipping vote for football is breaking explicit promise to put Parliament before his 'hobby' via @nuzzel
RT @zondagmetlubach: We moeten even stilstaan bij een serieuze situatie in Amerika. Say nay to NRA: #zml https://t.…
This Tory MP Is Missing The Universal Credit Debate To Referee The Champions League via @JamieRoss7
5 indications that the UK economy is on the brink of a collapse via @LondonEconomic #brexit
RT @CatalansForYes: BREAKING: Catalan president to lift the suspension of the declaration of independence if Spain suspends Catalan self-go…
RT @PeterGrantMP: Tories claim Universal Credit incentivises work but can’t even incentivise their own MP to turn up for this debate. 👏🏽👏🏽👏…
@SadiqKhan @UKLabour Bigger win to pause #brexit Your call
RT @ScoPoliticsNews: The world's first floating wind farm has started delivering electricity to the Scottish grid.
Build: Bridges to Indy #scotref @ScotConvention @joannaccherry @GMacdonaldMSP
#UniversalCredit Why don't they just keep people on the old benefit system until the first UC payment actually comes through?

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Freelance IT Professional, Programme Manager in London. At night I'm usually having fun singing. Wrote UK's first guide to getting online. Gaelic speaker.

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