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SNP Disabled Members Group Announces Disability Equality Training via @nuzzel thanks @SNP_dmg
Union good. Scots bad. I think you can see now why we want out #scotref
It was your beloved union that bribed Irish peers in 1800 though wasn't it?
Without the union would this have happened? Without the union would the UK have suppressed India and Ireland?
Any comment about this in relation to the greatness of the union?
. @holland_tom oh. So that absolves England and the union of all responsibility then?
You are aware of the Act of Proscription 1746 aren't you?
Tell me about Highland clearances,, slavery, rhe persecution of native people, the suppression of democracy and Glasgow tanks @holland_tom
RT @WingsScotland: Is this the definitely neutral and impartial Angus Armstrong that K***n H***e is quoting in the Record today? https://t.…
RT @HumzaYousaf: Apart from historical revisionism present in Alexander Burnett's motion -when was the world suddenly rid of dictators, fas…
RT @weegingerdug: Unionists calling Indy supporters GERS deniers is like creationists calling evolutionary scientists "Genesis deniers"
Humanity and decency 1, @realDonaldTrump 0 #Obamacare Affordable Care Act @SenSanders
RT @BernieSanders: Our true goal is not just stopping Republicans from destroying health care. Our goal is guaranteeing health care as a ri…
RT @SenSanders: Remember: we are still the only major country to not guarantee health care to all its people. We've got work to do. https:/…
RT @SenSanders: Today is a great victory but we have a lot more work to do. We are going to go forward and guarantee health care to all peo…
RT @StephenKing: OBAMACARE LIVES!!!!
RT @Far_Right_Watch: Btw: In Theresa May's speech yesterday, she called Westminster 'the worlds oldest Parliament'. False. That honour of…
RT @LabourOutOfScot: Westminster is Milking the Satellite nations while blaming them for the debt to keep them chained #GERS…
Let's make a #scentrance
RT @jose_casal: People have described the #LLKD17 lineup as both awesome & intimidating :-) Awesome for sure. Also, the cutest friendliest…

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